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MDT-2000 and basic dispatch software PowerPoint Presentation
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MDT-2000 and basic dispatch software

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MDT-2000 and basic dispatch software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MDT-2000 and basic dispatch software. Press “page down” to view screens. Low-cost and multiple networks. GSM-GPRS (internal) CDMA 1-Xrtt Mobile Radio VHF-UHF Iridium Satellite Spread Spectrum. Automatic switching between networks. Multiple inputs and options.

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MDT-2000 and basic dispatch software

Press “page down” to view screens

low cost and multiple networks
Low-cost and multiple networks
  • GSM-GPRS (internal)
  • CDMA 1-Xrtt
  • Mobile Radio VHF-UHF
  • Iridium Satellite
  • Spread Spectrum

Automatic switching between networks

multiple inputs and options
Multiple inputs and options
  • JOBD-ll engine computer interface
  • QWERTY keyboard option
  • Smart Phone interface
  • Mag Card reader option
  • Fingerprint ID lock-out option
  • RFID interface option
wide choice of message screens
Wide choice of message screens

Over 30 different screen layouts are available which can be further modified as required.

base dispatch desk
Base Dispatch Desk

Our DataHost includes two generic Dispatch Screen options which may be sufficient for many companies. For other companies who already have a “back office” system we can usually integrate through a common DataBase or other Windows linking paths.

The following screens show the various DataHost operating screens

datahost by datalink systems inc
DataHOSTby Datalink Systems Inc.

DataHOST is the “client” program that resides on the customer’s computer, providing two-way text messaging and simple dispatching instructions to remote vehicle installed terminals. DataHOST is fully integrated with Microsoft Mappoint 2004 digital Maps covering Canada, USA and Western Europe. GPS data from vehicles is displayed on Map screens.

DataHOST will also interface with other mapping programs such as Google Earth, ESRI ArcView, MapINFO, Streets-on-a-Disk and others. Datahost will also provide a NMEA GPS output for 3rd. Party development.

Unlike the majority of ASP Web based AVL-GPS vehicle tracking services where a 3rd. Party hosts all the data, DataHOST stores all the historical data on the customer’s computers, allowing for instant recall and map zooming coast to coast in seconds.

datagate router
DataGATE router

GPS data and text messages exchanged between the DataHost program and remote drivers and field workers are routed by DataGATE which acts as the server, processing and relaying data between multiple wireless networks and Internet connected DataHOSTs or 3rd. Party programs on local, regional or global basis.

The DataGate router can be located on the customer’s computer or operated by a local network company. Routing services are also available directly from IP Solutions Inc.

DataGate is fully integrated with the following wireless networks

GSM-GPRS…..CDMA-1xRTT……VHF/UHF/800 mhz…. Spread Spectrum


kenwood nexedge fleetsync
Kenwood NEXEDGE / Fleetsync

As a development partner with Kenwood, DataGate and DataHost software and the MDT-2000 is compatible with Kenwood’s proprietary protocol.

DataNET (DataGate and DataHost) can be used as the “back end” software for those dealers who wish to use the mdt-2000 and don’t want to take time to develop the “back end” system.

school bus communications

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Optional GPS feed to on-board Mapping Navigational system

Internal GPRS modem

8 input sensor module

Satellite modems

Two way messaging between driver and base office

CMDA-1X or Iden modem

MDT-214 beside driver

Student ID reader

Driver I.D. and engine lock-out

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