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Welcome to the world of publications ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the world of publications !

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Welcome to the world of publications ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the world of publications !
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  1. Welcome to the world of publications! Established in 1799

  2. The Stämpfli Group Stämpfli Ltd Berne Dr. Rudolf Stämpfli, Peter Stämpfli Stämpfli Publishing Ltd Berne Jurisprudence andpolitical science Mail order bookshop Dr. Rudolf Stämpfli Dr. Manfred Hiefner Stephan Grieb Andrea Küng 32 staff Stämpfli Publications Ltd Berne, Zurich Print, Internet and publishing systems Peter Stämpfli Peter Hubacher Bernhard Kobel Heinz Malzacher Markus Gerber Daniel Sinn Ruedi Spätig 270 staff Stämpfli all media Ltd Berne Development and IT services Ruedi Spätig 15 staff Stämpfli Polska Sp. z o.o. Warsaw, Poland Prepress und coordination Rafał Cwenk 10 staff Human Resources Margret Kämpf Kraft allmedia GmbH Ettlingen-Karlsruhe/D Publishing Systems Eike-Matthias Ott Finance and accounting /controlling Roger Weyermann

  3. The world of publications • StämpfliSpecialists for printed publications, mobile solutions, Internet and publishing systems • We design publications and the necessaryprocesses and systems. Publications Text, pictures and artwork in printed or electronic form. We • obtain, adapt, • sort, structure, • visualize, • reproduce and store content for your publications and • manage and maintain such Publications and publishing systems: Over 320 enthusiastic experts at your disposal.

  4. An overview of our services Stämpfli Consulting How we increase our customers' success thanks to our expertise Stämpfli Internet How we realize and optimize Internet projects and e-shops Stämpfli Corporate Publishing How we design, edit, translate and correct publications Stämpfli Journals The A to Z of how we publish and produce journals and magazines Stämpfli Publishing Systems How we support and automate publishing processes Stämpfli Production How we produce printed publications with the greatest care

  5. Our world of apprenticeships

  6. Apprenticeships at Stämpfli Group • > 10% of our staff are apprentices • We educate 33 young women and men in seven different apprenticeships: • duration of four years • Polygraph > prepress • Printer • Bookbinder > post-press • Informatics • duration of three years • Administration • one man learning four years as he combines sports and apprenticeship • Logistics • Bookseller

  7. Advantages of the duel system • Integration of teenagers in a real life surrounding. No kidding around, no acting as large babies, but takeing them seriously as young adults • Higher obligation for the apprentices than in collage because of • natural authority of elder employees • signing legal contract • working on real jobs is motivating • earning salary is motivating • with 19/20 you have a full-size profession and you are wanted on the markets • possibilities of further education for the apprentices • chance that former apprentices come back one day • high reputaton of some apprenticeships • high reputation of the company in educating apprentices

  8. Sorrows with the duel system • It is a lot of work … • _ >50 trial days for 50 potential apprentices in prepress • _ costs towards 2% of turnover • Finding good apprentices. Competition with famous companies (e.g. banks, insurances, Swisscom) • Social responsibility sometimes at the limits of everybody involved

  9. Investing in apprentices and the system of apprenticeship is an investment in young people and their future. It is part of our corporate culture, of our holistic view on society and of our belief in a better world.

  10. The world of publications Established in 1799