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ESSAY PLAN. By Callum, Jacqueline, Jennifer and Graeme. The Question. Choose a play in which there is a scene which there is a scene which provides a clear turning point in the drama.

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Essay plan


By Callum, Jacqueline, Jennifer and Graeme.

Essay plan

The Question

  • Choose a play in which there is a scene which there is a scene which provides a clear turning point in the drama.

  • Explain why it is a turning point and go on to discuss the importance of the scene to your appreciation of the text as a whole.

Essay plan


  • T.A.R.T (title, author, refer to task)

  • Relate back to the question.

  • Use main words in the question in the intro.

Essay plan

First Paragraph

  • Show how Jenny has lived in poverty her whole life.

  • She has never complained.

  • Jenny always helps with the kids

  • “ its no ma job tae keep your weans. Its yours”

  • Also links to poverty and why Jenny wants to leave.

Essay plan

Second Paragraph

  • Lives in the same house as her other five siblings and shares a bed with her granny, this is a life she doesn’t want.

  • “ Wi Granny asider her, and Edie snoring wi her tonsils”

Essay plan

Third Paragraph

  • Jenny decides to move out and escape poverty and earn her own money.

  • “ when I leave this rotten pig-sty I’m no coming back”

  • This creates tension. She wants to live her own life.

Essay plan

Fourth Paragraph

  • Maggie is also angry at Jenny because she is leaving, she has given up her job which also effects Maggie as she cant get her left overs.

  • “ I’ve had enough o ma waiting at the shop door every Friday closing time… asking for chipped apples and bashed tomatoes”

  • Jenny gets embarrassed this is another reason for her leaving. This will effect Maggie and the poverty as she won’t have a lot of food to feed her children.

Essay plan

Fifth Paragraph

  • John is angry as Jenny has left the whole family and doesn’t seem to think about the others in the family.

  • “ The impidence o ye!”

  • Shows how angry he is, he thinks Jenny is a whore as she will do no good when she leaves.

Essay plan


  • T.A.R.T ( title, author, refer to task)

  • Opinion

  • Brief Summary of the theme of poverty in the play.