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Games Played by Native Americans PowerPoint Presentation
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Games Played by Native Americans

Games Played by Native Americans

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Games Played by Native Americans

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  1. Games Played by Native Americans By: Sid Ravi

  2. Kicking The Stick Team A Team B • Who played: 2 even teams, Boys mainly played this games. • How to play: • Select 2 team captains • Team Captains choose sides of even teams • Each team lines up on a line • Place 2 sticks on a line in front of the two teams (the sticks are four inches long and one inch in diameter) • Each team has to kick the stick to an ending point • At a given signal the leaders kick the stick as hard as they can (both teams start together side by side) • As soon as the leaders are done kicking the next team member kicks the stick at the place the leader left. After that person the next person kicks and the process continues. • The winner of the game is the team which has the stick at the ending point first. Why this game was played: This game was played to train boys to enable them to be able to run fast and become strong even in cold weather. By kicking the stick the feet became stronger enabling them to become fast runners. Start Line Finish Line Team A Winner

  3. The Running Game • Who plays: Any number of people, traditionally girls play this game • Equipment: No equipment needed • How to play: • First, All players line up on a starting line • Second, everyone takes a deep breath • Third, everyone starts yelling and running at the same time • As soon as someone loses his or her breath, he or she stops and sits down. • The winner of this game is the person who can run the farthest without losing his or her breath.

  4. The Bean Game • Who plays: Two or more people, anyone can play this game • Equipment needed to play this game: A basket (paper plate), 7 flat sided beans or peach pits with paint or marker on one side only. • How to play: • First decide how many turns a person gets to flip beans • Put beans in basket with plain side up • Carefully holding the basket toss the beans up and catch the beans in the basket. • Count the number of beans with the marked side up. Depending on the number of beans that have the marked side up you will have your score for the round. • If a person loses any beans, he/she gets 0 for the score for that round • At the end of the specified rounds each rounds scores for the individual is added up to get the final score • The winner of the game is the person who got the maximum count of beans with color side up People played this game to teach children how to count Bean game Image

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