community energy in scotland it s a revolution n.
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Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution !

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Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enniskillen, 12 th of March 2014. Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution !.

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Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution !

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    1. Enniskillen, 12th of March 2014 Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution!

    2. Mark Hull – CES National Technical ManagerSECRE Project Manager/Common Power PartnerAvonlea, Finstown, Orkney, KW17 2EGTelephone (office): 01856 76173 (mobile):

    3. Community Energy Scotland is: Scotland’s Independent Community Energy Development Charity Our core purpose: ‘To build confidence, resilience and wealth at community level in Scotland through sustainable energy development’ Scottish Charity Number: SC039673

    4. What we do We help communities across Scotland to own and operate renewable energy installations and to maximize the local benefit and control of their energy economies and local resources. We believe communities can become enabled, stronger, more self reliant and resilient by generating their own energy, and retaining its local value. We provide advice, finance, training and practical help to support this. We provide a voice for communities who want to act now for a more secure and sustainable energy future.

    5. Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution! • Community owned revenue generating renewables • Why? • It’s a revolution!

    6. Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution! • Community owned revenue generating renewables • Why? • It’s a revolution!

    7. >1000 in Scotland Typical Community owned? Facility based energy installations Typically smaller projects Often volunteer groups but can be social enterprises Making core community buildings and spaces more sustainable and useable EriskayWind 2 Heat Revenue Generating Projects Usually larger projects operating commercially Normally owned by non-profit distributing member based community social enterprises Mostly earn revenue for community funds which then are used to address local social issues/regeneration c.200 projects 20+ operational More coming! Westray revenue generation

    8. Community (Owned) Renewables Projects

    9. Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution! • Community owned revenue generating renewables • Why? • It’s a revolution!

    10. Orkney • Archipelago of 70 or so islands and skerries • Predominantly pastoral agricultural • High level of natural history, scenic, and heritage • 19 inhabited islands • Pop. c.20,000, 80% on main island, “Mainland” • Population increased slightly over last 40 years • Dropped by nearly 40% outside of Mainland • Other Isles split into North and South Isles • North Isles divided into inner and outer • All have internal ferry, outer have air service

    11. Why are we doing this? - Opportunity • Resource • Wind (Wave and Tide) • Revenue • Incentives - Was Grants + ROCs now FiTs • Community Will

    12. Why are we doing this? - Need • Depopulation • Fuel Poverty • Heating • Transport • Skill shortage and under employment • Resilience

    13. Why are we doing this? - Benefit • Money • Independent Community Controlled Fund • Local Community Development Plans • Pump priming • Enabling • Competence/Confidence • Self Determination

    14. It’s no quick fix... • Hoy • Seven years before we started digging! • Establishing a need and will • Community Development Plan • Organising and formalising • Site selection • Feasibility & resource studies • Environmental studies • Land agreements • Finding manufacturers • Planning permissions • Getting Power purchase agreements • Grid connection agreements • Investigating and agreeing access • Road & transports surveys • Working out delivery • Getting road and transport permits • Investigating drainage & getting permits • Construction contracts & permits • H&S permits etc. etc. • Finding and raising finance • Due diligence of EVERYTHING done so far! • Started 2004... • April 2011

    15. But we can get there... • Hoy • August 2011

    16. OrkneyLarge-scaleCommunityOwned Westray (900KW) Sanday (10% of 10KW) Rousay Egilsay & Wyre (900KW) Eday (900KW) Stronsay (900KW) OIC (20% of 4.5MW) Shapinsay (900KW) Wholly owned Joint venture Total Installed: c. 7.3MW Hoy (900KW)

    17. Predicted Community Funds • > £4M per annum revenue • c. £1.5M per annum after costs • > £30M over project lifetimes • (in today’s value) • c/f £300K if just benefit payments

    18. It’s a revolution!

    19. Community Energy in Scotland: It's a revolution! • Community owned revenue generating renewables • Why? • It’s a revolution! • A revolution? We have only just started

    20. Making a difference, e.g. Affordable warmth Reducing food miles Sustainable facilities Enhanced home care Increasing skills and confidence

    21. Affordable warmth Overall Orkney has some of the highest levels of fuel poverty in the country, with 54% fuel poor and 20% in extreme fuel poverty (>20% of income spent on fuel) in 2012 SHCS In 2010 4 isles groups surveyed their communities and found between 80-90% of households believed they were fuel poor In one island community, a basic programme of survey, loft insulation, energy efficiency and behaviour change education reduced this by 40%, and identified 5% of properties eligible for National Home Heating Capital Grants

    22. Reducing food miles • Travel and haulage costs create hidden fuel poverty • Four isles have built community gardening facilities • Allotments • Covered growing • Linked with schools and cooperatives

    23. Sustainable facilities • Energy self sufficiency and reduction • Low carbon transport • (Dial a) Minibuses • Car share • Water taxis • Local stone scheme • Infrastructure for the future • Increased within community care • Public Wifi hotspots/clouds • Fibre Optic “ring road”

    24. Enhanced Home Care • Additional, non-statutory, support/home help • “Virtual nursing home” - with local GP practice

    25. Increasing skills and confidence • E.g. • Training bursaries/local events • Modern Apprentiships • Microgeneration installation and maintenance • Enterprise/Business start-up schemes

    26. Community (Owned) Renewables Projects £1.5M per annum £1.5M per annum £5M per annum > £30 M per annum

    27. Thank you