chapter 13 manifest destiny n.
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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

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  1. Chapter 13Manifest Destiny America’s destiny to reach from sea to sea is achieved.

  2. Part 1: The Who and What of Manifest Destiny

  3. What is Manifest Destiny? • The belief that the United States was destined by God to extend from its boundaries to the Pacific ocean. • The term “Manifest Destiny” was coined by newspaper editor James O’Sullivan • Manifest destiny was achieved through the exploration of mountain men, the acquisition of land, and war with Mexico. • With “Manifest Destiny” achieved, we have to ask the question, who moved to our newly acquired lands?

  4. Who moved West? • Farmers looking for land, those hoping to escape debt, those searching for new ways to make money, and the Mormons sought religious freedom. • Many of those who went west had migrated here from others countries. • Push-Pull Factors: Forces that push people out of their native lands and pull them to a new place.

  5. How do Push-Pull Factors Work? PUSH FACTORS • Population Growth • Agriculture Changes • Crop Failures • Industrial Revolution • Religious & Political turmoil PULL FACTORS • FREEDOM • Economic Opportunity • Abundant Land

  6. Defining the “new” Americans • People who decide to leave their country in order to settle in another place are called emigrants. • Once people arrive in their new country they become immigrants. • The new immigrants came from Ireland, Britain, China, Germany, and Scandinavia. • They settled in major northeastern cities, the mid-west and beyond.

  7. Part 2: Natural Resources Encourage Settlement

  8. The Territory • People were interested because Oregon offered fertile soil and relief from the economic troubles of the northeast. • People traveled along the Oregon Trail in prairie schooners to reach their newhomes in the west.

  9. Interest in • Florida was transferred to American control in 1821, formerly a Spanish colony, Florida had much to offer. • Many Planters from Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas who has overused their land sought to settle in Florida. • Northern Florida became the home of many cotton and tobacco plantations.

  10. Why did Americans Move to • Mexican controlled Texas offered vast amounts of land to people who agreed to settle their families there. • Soon trouble began when the large number of Americans refused to follow Mexico’s rules. • Americans living in Texas began to seek independence.

  11. Gold in • Interest grew in California because of their vast natural resources (oceans, farmland, seaports) • Gold was struck in 1849- Population exploded over night, the industries of agriculture, shipping, and trade greatly increased.

  12. Struggles for Statehood Part 3:

  13. The Mexican Cession • The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the war with Mexico, as a result we received a large amount of Mexican territory. • Today that land is made up of California, Utah, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

  14. Utah • The Mormon oasis of Utah struggled for many years to be accepted into the Union. • Their practice of polygamy and their frequent violent dealings with federal officials slowed their entrance into the United States. • Finally, in 1896 Utah became a state.

  15. The Issue of Slavery • As more and more states petitioned to enter the Union, the question of slavery slowed the acceptance of several states. • The main issue- the government wanted to keep the balance between slave and free states equal. • This ensured that no one political/social view point would be overly represented in Congress.