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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny

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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny. This chapter is about 1) Mountain Men 2) Trails West 3) The Texas Revolution 4) The War with Mexico 5) The California Gold Rush. Mountain Men. Mountain Men like Jedediah Smith will explore lands in the west, including present day Utah.

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chapter 13 manifest destiny

Chapter 13Manifest Destiny

This chapter is about

1) Mountain Men

2) Trails West

3) The Texas Revolution

4) The War with Mexico

5) The California Gold Rush


The Spanish wanted people to settle Texas so when Moses Austin asked for permission to start a colony in Texas, Spain agreed.

More Americans would move into Texas causing tensions to increase between the Mexican Government and Texans.
at the battle of the alamo 178 of the 183 americans were killed by santa anna s army of 1 800 men
At the Battle of the Alamo, 178 of the 183 Americans were killed by Santa Anna’s army of 1,800 men.

Sam Houston and his men advanced upon the Mexican Army at San Jacinto screaming “Remember the Alamo” killing half of Santa Anna’s army, forcing them to surrender.


Manifest Destiny suggest that expansion was not only good but bound to happen, even if it meant pushing Mexicans and Native Americans out of the way.


In 1848, the war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Mexico recognized that Texas was part of the United States, and the Rio Grande was the border between the nations.


Mexico also ceded, or gave up, a vast region known as the Mexican Cession, but the United States agreed to pay $15 million for the land.