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Why Trust Peak? They Did… PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Trust Peak? They Did…

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Why Trust Peak? They Did… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why Trust Peak? They Did…. Please contact sales @ 888 -476-PEAK for our customer list. P roprietary and confidential, not for public distribution. Technology’s 3 Most Common Pain Points. Staffing Subject matter experts are hard to find

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Why Trust Peak? They Did…

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Why Trust Peak? They Did…

Please contact sales @ 888-476-PEAK

for our customer list.

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Technology’s 3 Most Common Pain Points

  • Staffing
    • Subject matter experts are hard to find
    • Employees are expensive to recruit, hire, train, and manage
    • Technical operations require 17 different skill sets
  • Containing Economics
    • DIY is very expensive until your scale is massive
    • Throwing money at the cloud
    • Most outsourced services do not lower your staff’s workload
  • Scaling Correctly
    • The nagging fear that when sales, marketing, product clicks – “the site is down”
    • The way the cloud scales is fundamentally flawed
    • If your staff is “learning on your dime,” those are expensive lessons

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Peak Hosting’s Unique Differentiators

  • It all starts with our philosophy, “What’s the most I can do?” vs. the industry’s, “What’s the least we can get away with?”
  • 2:1 customer-to-staff ratio
  • A business model that encourages subject matter experts to deeply engage in your technology
  • Peak Hosting support staff average 15+ years’ experience
  • AlwaysUp Architecture℠
  • 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠ No Excuse. No Exception. No Downtime.
  • Unsurpassed architecture pedigree: custom designed solutions
  • Operations-as-a-Service: well within your budget

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Peak Hosting Handles Everything But Your Code℠

  • Architecture and Design
  • Fully managed & dedicated server, storage, and network hardware
  • Full OS Support: RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, or Microsoft
  • Application Support: Apache, Cassandra, Couchbase, Hadoop, Memcached, Microsoft SQL [Cluster] and IIS, MongoDB, MySQL, Nginx, Passenger, Perl, PHP, Rails, Redis, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, etc.
  • Monitoring & Alerting: hardware, OS, and application
  • Performance Trend Analysis: SNMP stats for all server / system metrics
  • Database administration and architecture
  • Managed RAID-6 Back-up, stored on opposite coast with no retention limits
  • Virtualization: VMware, Citrix Xen, KVM, Hyper-V
  • Failover & Redundancy: vMotion or VMware fault tolerance for application HA
  • PeakFYI℠ fully independent, out-of-band IP Keyboard, Video, Mouse
  • East Coast & West Coast SAS-70 Type-II and SSAE-16 datacenters

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Peak Hosting Service (Continued)


  • Stateful firewalling and router access control lists
  • Intrusion detection & prevention
  • VPN: IP-SEC, GRE, SSL or point-to-point


  • 40 Gig 2N spanning-tree free Networking: eliminates congestion, latency, and packet loss
  • 1-Hop architecture with Latency as low as 20 Microseconds and Zero Jitter or Packet-Loss
  • Dual front-end and dual back-end/iSCSI switches, each with 2 Gig trunks, standard
  • 10 Gig NIC available

SAN - EMC VNX 7500

  • Industry unique guaranteed IOPs to ensure deterministic performance
  • Fully 2N 10 Gig Private network for iSCSI, CIFs, or NFS services.
  • Fast Cache auto-tiers storage for best performance and economics
  • Snapshot and DVR-like recover points standard

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Hardware repair 24 x 7 within one hour
  • 100% service uptime: No excuse. No exceptions. No downtime.
  • No carve-outs for maintenance windows or emergency maintenance windows

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


It All Starts With The AlwaysUp DatacenterSM

  • SAS-70 Type-II certified
  • SSAE-16 Type-II certified
  • Redundant & independent PDU
  • Redundant & independent UPS
  • Redundant & independent generator
  • Servers striped across different racks, so no SPOF (Single Points of Failure)

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


AlwaysUp NetworkSM

  • Unlimited Local server bandwidth
  • 40 Gig 2N Spanning-tree Free Network
  • 1-HopSM ensures microsecond latency and no jitter or packet-loss
  • Downtime-free maintenance windows
  • 2 Gig trunked dual front-end switches
  • 2 Gig trunked private iSCSI/Backend
  • Local 2N server load balancing
  • Global 2N load balancing
  • Firewalls always 2N

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


AlwaysUp ServerSM– Speed, Uptime, and Redundancy

  • Every server dedicated (Single Tenant)
  • 32GB to 512GB of RAM per Server
  • 12 to 64 cores, Intel or AMD
  • Standard on Peak Hosting servers:
    • Dell PERC7 Enterprise IP KVM 
    • Dual power supplies, PDU, UPS, and back-up generators
    • Quad NICor 10 Gig NIC
    • Dual hard drive with RAID-1 (or higher)
    • Peak Hosting supports Everything But Your CodeSM

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


AlwaysUp SANSM

  • Guaranteed performance and IOPS
  • No oversubscription. Ever!
  • Fast Cache delivers auto-tiered speed and savings
  • Snapshot and DVR-like recover points
  • All 10 Gig private dedicated SAN network
  • Full NFS, CIFS, and block support
  • EMC proactively detects and dispatches repairs before failure
  • Wide Striping grows volumesseamlessly
  • 2N delivers downtime-free maintenance
  • 25% lower cost than Amazon Cloud Storage at 10-100x the performance

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


AlwaysUp Global BackboneSM

  • Global backbone in 8 different countries
  • Points of presence in 22 cities 
  • Multiple providers between datacenters
  • Multiple protect paths for MPLS auto-failover

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


PeakFYISM – Out-of-Band Done Right

  • Industry leading out-of-band
  • Dell DRAC7Enterprise
  • IP KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse)
  • Secure SSL access
  • Completely redundant ISP, firewalls, switches, and power
  • Standard on every server we deploy

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Inflection Points – What Solution Makes Sense When?

















Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Cloud Economics Primer

  • 187 Amazon Elastic Compute Units (ECU) = 1 Peak R420 server
  • Average cost is about 6.5 cents per ECU, per hour
  • Cost to use 187 ECU only one hour per day = $377 / month
  • Cost to use 187 ECU 31 days * 24 hours = $9,048 (over 9X Peak Hosting)
  • Break Even occurs at:
    • 82 hours total
    • Over 2 hours per day/month
    • About 3 days in a row
  • Public and Private Cloud do not include Peak Hosting’s:
    • Subject matter expertise
    • 100% UpTime SLASM, including maintenance windows
    • Deterministic server and SAN performance
    • 40 Gigabit 1-hop network with no jitter and 20 microseconds latency

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Big Data – Dedicated Server Savings

  • 7.2TB of RAM
  • 1350 Cores (2700 threads)
  • 3100 total GHz of processing power
  • 120TB 10K NearLine SAS EMC VNX7500 SAN
  • 173TB DAS 15K SAS
  • 65,400 disk IO operations per second (13% of all of S3)
  • 256 Gb/sec aggregate network capacity
  • LATENCY: 20 microseconds latency
  • JITTER: 0 (vs. 1ms to 1000 ms on EC2)
  • AVAILABILITY: no downtime, EVER
  • COST: $85.50 per hour or $63,000 per month vs. $1M+ on EC2

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.

the answer for y our in house networking needs
The Answer for Your In-House Networking Needs
  • Peak Web Consulting Experience
  • Built and ran three of the largest social networking websites over seven years
  • Built and managed five of the highest performing advertising networks
  • Built and supported three of the four largest dating sites
  • Efficiently scaled the pre IPO Zynga network during rapid expansion
  • Designed and implemented new data centers for today’s biggest Silicon Valley startups, including Square, Yammer, Zoosk and ngmoco
  • Peak Web Consulting Staff
  • Expert level knowledge in IP networking
  • Expert level certification, including Cisco CCIE and Juniper JNCIE
  • Proven track record and world class engineering experience
  • Focused on solving business problems
  • Peak Web Consulting Advantage
  • Use as little or as much consulting time as needed
  • Bring in the experts to collaborate on the “hard” work
  • Get it done right the first time

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.

peak web consulting
Peak Web Consulting
  • Networks
    • Architecture, implementation and optimization
    • Experience includes backbone build-outs, ISP multi-homing, peering and WAN optimization for both short-term and long-term engagements
  • Resource Computing
    • Virtualization and Hybrid Cloud Environment deployment, implementation and management
  • Data Center Architecture
    • Including rack layouts, cabling, airflow optimization and design
    • Peak Hosting can manage deployments and migrations, either between facilities or build-outs in new facilities
    • Experts in next generation data center technology, including Cisco Nexus and Juniper QFabric
  • Standards Compliance
    • Secure computing environments (SAS70, PCI, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • Network Security
    • Stateful firewalling
    • Intrusion detection and prevention

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Customer Testimonials

“Peak Hosting’s fully managed services allow MindJolt to focus on gaming and our customer experience. We tried the cloud and its high cost, lower performance, and unreliability were deal breakers. Peak Hosting’s fully managed dedicated servers are higher performing, have never gone down, and all at a far lower price point that cloud services. MindJolt’s three-pillar approach is rare within the games industry and Peak plays an important role in our continued success.

Aber Whitcomb, CTO SGN (formerly MindJolt)

"Peak Hosting stepped into a difficult position and has helped eHarmony unsnarl our network, providing detailed documentation, auditing configurations, diagnosing issues, and helping implement infrastructure and networking topology changes. On the business front, Peak Web was able to work with us through our variety of needs, both in scheduling and contracts, providing flexibility that really allows our relationship to flourish”

Chandra Cherukuthota, VP of Operations, eHarmony

"Peak Web Consulting came in during an especially critical growth phase in our company. Their network engineering and support helped grow our enterprise network by over 300% and increased overall quality of service to our customers, partners and audience. Their combined knowledge and skillset has helped save us time after time again, from both a proactive planning standpoint as well as during those unexpected emergencies. I would highly recommend Peak Web for any complex network engineering project.”

Fred Hsu, Co-founder,

“Peak Web Consulting has provided our company advanced network consulting without having to keep a full time senior engineer on staff. They have trained several of our employees on basic networking knowledge so everyday problems can be dealt with immediately. Peak Web Consulting has provided responsive and reliable service at a very reasonable price. We continue to be satisfied with their performance and can whole heartedly recommend them to others.”

John Wen, Director of Systems Engineering, Jdate

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Peak Hosting Operations-as-a-Service Benefits

  • Staffing Gaps Filled
    • No more hiring expensive experts to fill operations’ 17 different disciplines
    • Consulting experts who built Internet giants answer your questions
    • All operations expertise you need is at your fingertips

2. Focus on your Core Competency

    • Why is your CTO or Lead Developer performing technical operations tasks?
    • Peak Hosting has the consulting expertise and architecture pedigree to build what your company’s applications need, even if your team doesn’t quite know what that is
    • Simplify your workload

3. Increased Profitability

    • Your revenue won't falter due to your service being offline
    • Peak Hosting costs less than Doing-it-Yourself (DIY) and eliminates expensive forklift upgrades or hardware refreshes

4. Peace of Mind

    • AlwaysUp Architecture℠ and 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠ are commitments you can count on
    • PeakHosting’s staff has an average of 15+ years’ industry experience

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Peak Hosting Operations-as-a-Service Benefits

  • Eliminate Costly Downtime
    • AlwaysUp Architecture℠ means component failure doesn’t equal service failure
    • Protect your brand from the perils of downtime
    • Don’t allow your competitors the chance to woo your customers while you’re offline
  • Increase Your Competitive Edge
    • Faster customer response times with Peak Hosting’s custom system architecture
    • Peak Hosting’s global footprint allows you to service any market you need, now and in the future
  • Boost Your Job Security
    • Have every answer your management asks of you, ready-to-go
    • Hit uptime goals, come in under budget, and eliminate the 3 a.m. fire drills

8. Scale on Demand

    • Peak Hosting’s lowest cost vs. competition or DIY below 1000 servers
    • Dedicated servers provide highest possible performance

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.


Why Peak Hosting

  • 100% AlwaysUp SLA SM: No Excuse. No exception.

Founded in 2001, Peak Hosting builds the world’s largest Internet properties across every technology vertical. With the ethos of, “What’s the most we can do?”, Peak engineers, who average over 15+ years of industry experience, have designed, built and scaled the largest and most well-known Internet giants.Peak Hosting’s AlwaysUp Architecture℠ ensures component failure doesn’t lead to service failure, enabling us to deliver an industry exclusive, 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠, without exceptions or excuses for maintenance windows. As part of our Operations-as-a-Service solution, Peak Hosting delivers the expertise in everything but your code℠ to manage every aspect of infrastructure operations so companies can focus on what they do best. Trust your business challenges to the company whose philosophy is, “What is the most I can do for you today?” vs. “What is the least I can get away with?”

Contact Us: 888-476-7325

Proprietary and confidential, not for public distribution.