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Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB) PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB)

Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB)

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Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB)

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  1. The Business of Safety Building Bridges Breaking Barriers (BBBB) Missouri Mule ” Governor’s PacRim S&H Conf, Honolulu, HI May 7-9, 2014 “The Business of Safety

  2. Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers (BBBB) to improve Safety, Health, Ergonomics and Environmental Protection (SHEEP)

  3. Chitaranjan ‘Jivan’ Saran,PhD, PE, CPE,CHCM Professor Emeritus – Ergonomist - Engineer Saran Consulting, 191 SE 411th Rd Warrensburg, MO 64093 T/F: 660 747 8065;

  4. BBBB for CrossCultural Communication

  5. ACCENT a

  6. 大家好, 謝謝你們邀請我來. 如果你們對於我的韓國口音有問題, 我可以使用印度話. 但是我父母沒辦法了解我的印度話.我波多黎各的老婆沒辦法了解我的西班牙文.我的兒子和學生沒辦法了解我的英文.有這些混亂狀況,請讓我繼續使用英文.謝謝

  7. You are experiencing • A mild Cultural shock: Confusion, insecurity, and anxiety caused by a strange new environment • Cultural shock, 4 phases: 1 Excitement, stimulation, 2 Disillusionment, 3 Insecurity and disorientation, and 4 Adaptation

  8. You just experienced a MILD CULTURAL SHOCK P7, Sec 8.2

  9. “Greetings. Thank you for inviting me. If you have difficulty with my accent, I can always start in Hindi. But my parents could not understand my Hindi. My Puerto Rican wife does not understand my Spanish. My son and my students do not understand my English. With all this confusion, let us continue in English. Thanks”


  11. Warrensburg Lattitude: 38°45' 46" N 93° 44' 8" W Longitude:

  12. Honolulu, HI to Warrensburg, MO • 4,754 miles East

  13. Our Population Humans 16K Cattle 32K Pigs 32K Chicken 64K Farmland 128K acres



  16. Warrensburg

  17. U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U Uewe

  18. Great Texas Presentation

  19. Two Horns With a lot of

  20. Bull in between

  21. Outline: Definitions Hazard Perception Rewards Famous Women Test

  22. SHEEP Safety Health Ergonomics and Environmental Protection

  23. For the Business of Safety in a global village of the 21st Century it is essential to BBBB across cultural divides to improve SHEEP

  24. Definitions • Safety: Absence of accidental injuries and property damage • Health: Absence of dis-eases • Risk: Evaluated hazard, mostly based on perception • Culture:Common set of beliefs, values, objects and experiences to interact with psychosocial and physical environment

  25. Definitions (contd) • Accident: Unpredictable, unwanted, harmful events • Harm/Injury: Damage to bodily tissues and/or Disruption of normal bodily functions • Environment: Physical and psychosocial space and time • Protection: Maintenance of status quo- 2 Extremes

  26. Definitions (contd) Dis-eases: Most are cumulative mini injuries or traumas Both accidental injuries and diseases are: unpredictable harmful events

  27. The only difference between accidental injuries and dis-eases is TIME

  28. Cultural Variations of SHEEP Risk: People with different cultural background and experiences perceive SHEEP risk differently. Hazards of frostbites, heat strokes, and environmental diseases may not be of any special significance to individuals not accustomed to such exposures.

  29. Actual or Physical Hazard Culture Risk Perception Culture Experience Evaluation Statistics Statistical Computation

  30. Hazard Perception • Big city person and a villager or an Amazon Indian Pedestrian; male and female drivers; or young and old, would perceive the same hazard differently

  31. Hazard perception is a function of • Perception • Physical characteristics of the hazards, including the agent, host and the environment • Probability of the occurrence of various consequences 4. Severity/reward of the consequences

  32. Hazard perception (contd) • Value of the reward to the individual or society • Techniques for the detection of hazards and consequences- technological and socioeconomic limitations • Credibility and reliability of hazard/consequences association

  33. Hazard perception (contd) • Credibility, reliability, and technological limitations of hazard controls • Public/individual sensitivity, and • Individual and societal experiences

  34. Figure 2. A pedestrian crossing the street with a vehicle approaching him

  35. Hazard Perception/Reward


  37. A Pedestrian Crossing the Street Reward

  38. Reward

  39. Rewards • Reward of complying with SHEEP for regulators, politicians, workers or general public, younger or older • workers, uppermanagement and stock holders, different countries • Rewards of deforestation, species extinction to Brazilian ranchers, Amazon Indians, loggers, and the rest of the world

  40. Hazards (contd.) Hazards of ozone layer depletion to gas guzzling world and the environmentalists

  41. Rewards (contd) Does the smoker have faith in the credibility and reliability of association between smoking and lung cancer? George Burns smoked to be near 100

  42. Rewards (contd) Value of hazardous waste dumps to various states in this country, developing world, & New Jersey

  43. Rewards (contd) • Reward of compliance with SHEEP standards for farmers in this country, other developing countries and the developed countries • Reward of converting pristine natural forests into farmland and converting farmland into glass and concrete jungle

  44. My host family in Brazil

  45. Real Host: Dias Family

  46. EXERCISE : “First Thoughts” Please jot down the “first thoughts” that come to your mind when you see or hear the following 01 Lush farmland or beautiful manicured lawn: 02 A food processing plant with no recordable injury or illness during the last 18 months: 03 Gay co-worker: 04 British v Indian v other (name one) accents: 05 American v Swedish v Mexican farmers: 06 Oriental features: 07 Older worker: 08 Drill Baby Drill: 09 Brazilian Ranchers: 10 Pittsburgh Steel:

  47. EXERCISE 10.7: “Your Organization/ Plant (YOP)” Step 1: Identify 3 specific barriers to productivity, morale, and SHEEP in YOP • _____________________________ • _____________________________ • _____________________________

  48. EXERCISE 10.7: YOP (Contd) Step 2: List 3 specific activities which will bridge the management/worker divide, improve productivity, morale, and SHEEP • _____________________________ • _____________________________ • _____________________________