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Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow

Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow

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Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow

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  1. Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow Lesson 1

  2. Overview • Pre-reading questions • New words and expressions • Reading aloud • Concepts visualized • Word derivation • Word differentiation • Discussion: generation gap

  3. Pre-Reading Questions • What does “shadow” mean to you? • When you first read the title “my father’s shadow”, what occurred to you? • Can you guess what the text is about?

  4. New Words & Expressions • Reading loud (page 3) • Concepts visualized • Word derivation • Word differentiation

  5. Concepts Visualized • gregarious: <a.> (of animal or person) tending to live in a group e.g. Penguins are ~ animals.

  6. Concepts Visualized • haole : <Haw = foreigners> e.g. They have formed a “Haole Boys Band” last year.

  7. Concepts Visualized • Caucasian : <n.> from or connected with the Caucasus (an area in the extreme southeast of Europe including Russia, Georgia, Armenia etc.)

  8. Concepts Visualized • Resonate: <v.> • The noise of the ball resonate through the building. • Her experiences resonate powerfully with me, living, as I do, in a similar family situation.

  9. Concepts Visualized • Prodigal: <a.> (derog.) <n.> sb. who lives such a life e.g. He is ~ of money.

  10. Concepts Visualized • hazel: <a.> (of color) light brown or greenish brown e.g. She has ~ eyes.

  11. Concepts Visualized • hapa haole: (Haw = half foreigners)

  12. Concepts Visualized • squall: <v.> to cry noisily • Can’t you stop that baby ~ing? • fretful: <a.> anxious/ complaining

  13. Concepts Visualized • fretful: • Don't assume your baby automatically needs feeding if she's ~. • The mother is soothing her ~ baby.

  14. Concepts Visualized • gurgle: <n.> • We could hear the stream ~ing down in the valley. • The baby ~d with pleasure.

  15. Concepts Visualized • Toddler: <n.>

  16. Concepts Visualized • Bouncing: <a.> • His legs are so long and he moves so quickly that he has a ~ walk.

  17. Concepts Visualized • croon: <v.> • They ~ed a sentimental tune. • He ~ed the baby to sleep. • The man was ~ing soft words of encourage-ment to his wife.

  18. Concepts Visualized • Churn: <v.> • The woman was ~ing some butter. • My stomach started to ~ when I thought about my exam. • The ship ~ed the water up as it passed.

  19. Concepts Visualized • Tummy: <n.> ≈ belly e.g. I’ve got a ~ ache.

  20. Concepts Visualized • Retire: <v.> (fml./humor) to go to bed 就寝 • She ~d into the bathroom. • Everyone ~d early that night. • He ~d on a pension at 65. • After dinner, our host said, “Shall we ~ to the dining room?”

  21. Concepts Visualized • Spell: <n.> an unbroken period • I had a ~ in the army before I became a policeman. • After a short ~ in hospital she was soon back at work. • There has been a long ~ of dry weather.

  22. Concepts Visualized • Scrap: <n.> 废料 • There is an electronic ~ outside • the building. • -- He sold his car • for ~. • -- The man is a • ~-metal dealer.

  23. Concepts Visualized • Scrap may be turned into beautiful things. Scrap design

  24. Concepts Visualized • Lumber: <n.> = timber

  25. Concepts Visualized • Trail: <v.> to follow or track • The police ~ed the criminal to his hiding place. • Her robe ~ed along the ground. • Trailer house = mobile house

  26. Blank-filling gregarious • Emma’s a g________, outgoing sort of person. • There have been rumors that he has been p_______ with company funds. • By midnight the children were tired and f____. • I had my driving test that morning and my stomach was c________. • As the boat moved along, he t______ his hand in the water. • I watched my 2-year-old nephew t________ around after his puppy. prodigal fretful churning trailed toddling

  27. Word Derivation resonation squall retirement churn croon spell scrap toddle breach trail

  28. Word Derivation gregariousness prodigality prodigal hazel fretfulness apprehensive glee gleeful-ness bounce sternness

  29. Word Differentiation • Giggle vs. Gurgle • I caught Roz having a _____ over some of Janet’s awful poetry. • The baby lay ________ in her cot. • grin 露齿而笑, guffaw 捧腹大笑, chuckle 低声轻笑, giggle 咯咯地笑, gurgle (婴儿)咯咯地笑 giggle gurgling

  30. Word Differentiation • Scrap vs. Scrape • I hate the ______ of chalk on the blackboard. • Have you got a ______ of paper I could write on? • She ________ the mud off her shoes. • I’ve read every ______ of information I can find on the subject. scrape scrap scraped scrap

  31. Word Differentiation • Reply; resonate; respond • The noise of the bell resonated through the building. • The significance of those great stories ________ down the centuries. • He ______ with a long letter the next day. • His back injury had failed to _______ to treatment. resonates replied respond

  32. Word Differentiation • Squalls; spells; wails • I kept having/getting dizzy ______. • There was a band of snow _______ moving in behind the cold front. • She had a brief _____ as captain of the team. • The silence was broken by the _____ of a newborn baby. spells squalls spell wails

  33. Word Differentiation • Comprehension vs. Apprehension • There is some ____________ in the office about who the new director will be. • Some won’t have the least ____________ of what I’m trying to do. • I’ve invited a lot of people to the party, but I’m a bit _____________ that no one will come. apprehension comprehension apprehensive

  34. Word Differentiation • Glamour vs. Clamor • We could hear the _______ of an angry crowd from the square. • She piled her hair up for evening _________. • Do you still think there’s ________ in the advertising business? • After the bombing, there was a public ________ for vengeance. clamor glamour glamour clamor

  35. Word Differentiation • Subsequent vs. Consequent • The book discusses his illness and __________ resignation from the government. • You’ve got a university place _________ on your exam result. • The teacher has sequenced the names of the students. subsequent consequent

  36. Word Differentiation • Tuck vs. Tickle • She had a doll ______ under her arm. • I _______ her feet and she laughed. • ______ your chair in so that no one trips over it. • Should I _____ my shirt into my trousers? • My nose is ________, I think I’m going to sneeze. tucked tickled Tuck tuck tickling

  37. Tickle one’s feet

  38. Word Differentiation • Break vs. Breach • He was sued for _______ of contract. • The magazine has been published without a _______ since 1950. • There have been serious security __________. • The cinema was in______of the Health and Safety Act for having no fire doors. breach break breaches breach

  39. Word Differentiation • Tiptoe vs. Creep • They walked across the room on ______ so as not to waken the baby. • Someone was ________ around outside my window. • He waited until his daughter was asleep, then ________ quietly out of the room. • The traffic was ________ along at a snail’s pace. tiptoe creeping tiptoed creeping

  40. On tiptoe

  41. Generation Gap • What is your definition of this term? • Have you experienced any pressure from your parents? • Have you ever felt resentful or hateful about their advice? • Have you changed your opinion of your parents and begun to understand them? If yes, how did that happen?

  42. Thank you! To be continued.

  43. Lesson 2 Unit 1 My Father’s Shadow

  44. Overview • Word review • A global picture • A detailed study of the text

  45. What is the word which means… • to make a deep, clear, echoing or continuing sound • to follow or track • the happy low sound that someone makes in his or her throat, like water flowing unevenly or out of a bottle • sociable or liking the companionship of others • a small child who has just learnt to walk • light brown color resonate trail gregarious gurgle toddler hazel

  46. fretful prodigal retire croon spell anxious because of discomfort careless and wasteful with money <fml./humor> to go to bed to sing (usu. old popular songs) with feeling a period of a particular kind of activity, weather, illness etc. Define the following words.

  47. Complete the following sentences retired • I r______ late, for as always the morning would arrive too soon. • He is a g_________ person who avoids solitude. • Derek is now a proud father of a b_______ baby girl. • “Dear boy,” she c________, hugging him heartily... gregarious bouncing crooned

  48. Complete the following sentences • The bass guitar began to thump so loudly that it r__________ in my head. • Squirrels like to eat h_______. • We finally got a sunny day after the long raining s______. • A p_______ who returns is more precious than gold. resonated hazels spell prodigal

  49. Complete the following sentences • He dines on a chicken or a s_____ of mutton. • He was up all night with t_______ ache. • The tired children t______ along behind their parents. • There was an infant s_______ in the back of the church. scrap tummy trailed squalling

  50. A Global Picture • What type of writing is the text? • What is the author’s purpose of writing? • When did the story take place? • Is the author a male or a female? • What’s the author’s family origin? Narration To describe how family bond can remove years of estrangement between a father and a daughter In a summer. A female. Chinese.