Chapter 10 grammar
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Chapter 10 Grammar. 2 nd Conjugation VERBS Present and Future Tense Present Imperative. Learning Targets for Today. Be able to recognize 2 nd conjugation verbs. Know how to write out a conjugation of one of these verbs in present tense.

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Chapter 10 grammar

Chapter 10 Grammar

2nd Conjugation VERBS

Present and Future Tense

Present Imperative

Learning targets for today
Learning Targets for Today

  • Be able to recognize 2nd conjugation verbs. Know how to write out a conjugation of one of these verbs in present tense.

  • Know how to read/write future tense and imperative for 2nd conjugation verbs.

1 st conjugation verbs
1st conjugation verbs

  • Conjugate a verb we have already had on the white board.

  • Write the infinitive form of the verb that means carry on the white board

    What does the STEM end with for 1st conjugation? Where do we find the stem?

Present tense 2 nd conjugation ex augeo aug re auxi actus
Present Tense (2nd conjugation)ex. augeo, augēre [auxi, actus]


Doceo Docēmus

Docēs Docētis

Docet Docent

*Be sure to include macrons as shown in book!

Notice – 2nd conjugation verbs have long ē for the stem vowel. 1st conjugation verbs have a long ā.

Future tense


Docēbo Docēbimus

Docēbis Docēbitis

Docēbit Docēbunt



Docē! - TEACH! Docēte - TEACH!

*follows the same pattern as 1st conjugation (stem is the singular, add – te to end for plural)

Ticket out the door
Ticket Out the Door

  • On a small piece of paper:

  • Conjugate the verb which means ‘teach’ in present tense.

  • Write ‘we teach’ in Latin

  • Give the teachers in the school a direction or command to teach!