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Social Networking & Internet Safety PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Networking & Internet Safety

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Social Networking & Internet Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Networking & Internet Safety. Chip Flemmer EdTech 575. What is Social Networking.

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what is social networking
What is Social Networking
  • These are online communities that have members of their particular site. These members usually have a Web Page or a Blog where that they personalize (photos, text, etc.) the content of their page and prepare to share this information with others. The Web Page can be public (anyone can see your information) or private (this is where you invite someone to join your group of friends).
examples of social networking
Examples of Social Networking
  • MySpace They state that they are “An international site that offers email, a forum, communities, videos and weblog space.”
  • Facebook According to their Web Page, “This is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who, work, study, and live around them.”
  • Friend Wise
  • Eggfly
  • GoFellowship
  • Ditty Talk
  • Hi5
  • Friendster
student geared sites
Student-Geared Sites
  • Student
  • Imbee
  • Whyville
teacher geared sites
Teacher-Geared Sites
  • High Tech Learning
  • Ning’s NextGen
  • TeachAde
  • Social Networking for Teachers
what teachers will find useful
What teachers will find useful.
  • MySpace has over 300 million accounts.
  • Facebook has over 60 million active users.
  • Chances are that your students have an account in one or more social network.
  • Use these networks to your advantage; help build partnerships and resource pools.
what teachers will find useful1
What teachers will find useful.
  • Social Networks can be included in our lessons by using these cyber-neighborhoods to post class materials, questions and answers and assist with assignments.
  • A class form of a social network can be used to bring in other students from all over the world to interact and learn together.
  • Teachers could use the parents of students, other teachers from the school and beyond, and community leaders, etc. to join their network and interact online about a particular question or topic.
relative advantage
Relative Advantage
  • The sky is really the limit as to what we can do with social networks. These social networks are not just for shallow chat sessions, posting vain pictures, or deciding which party everyone will meet up at on Friday night. If used properly, social networks can be a great learning tool in which students, teachers, and others in the network can benefit from greatly.
internet safety
Internet Safety
  • Despite all the great opportunities to learn the internet has provided us with; there are also unwanted images, content, and predators that can find their way onto our monitors.
  • We must take precautions not only for our children, but ourselves.
possible internet safety risks
Possible Internet Safety Risks
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Sexual material
  • Violent material
  • Dangerous or illegal activities
  • Viruses and hackers
  • Child predators
  • Identity Theft
internet safety webpages
Internet Safety WebPages
  • NetSmartz
  • SafeKids
  • Kids Health
  • Wired Safety
  • FBI
internet safety webpages1
Internet Safety WebPages
  • Disney’s Internet Safety
  • Berenstain Bears
  • GetNetWise
  • Internet Safety Game