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Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group PowerPoint Presentation
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Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group

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Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group. 24 October 2012 2 - 4pm Level 7, 222 Exhibition Street. Minutes/Action Items Enforcement Group Update Operations Group Update Legislation Policy& Information Update Prevention Update Other Business Close. Agenda. Time. Agenda item.

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Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Health & Safety Stakeholder Reference Group 24 October 2012 2 - 4pm Level 7, 222 Exhibition Street

    2. Minutes/Action Items Enforcement Group Update Operations Group Update Legislation Policy& Information Update Prevention Update Other Business Close Agenda Time Agenda item 2.00 2.10 2.30 2.50 3.20 3.50 4.00

    3. Apologies, Minutes, Actions Apologies Previous Minutes - SRG dated 27 September 2012 Action items from previous meeting

    4. Enforcement Group Update Kate Despot

    5. The role of the Coroners Court Inquests An inquest is a court hearing into a single death, multiple deaths and/or a fire. It is heard by a coroner and is generally open to the public Interested parties Working with the Coroners Court of Victoria October 2012

    6. A coroner may make recommendations as part of their finding following an investigation into a death or fire Recommendations can be made to any Minister, public statutory authority or entity that may help prevent similar deaths A response must be made to recommendations in writing, within three months stating what action, if any, has or will be taken A finding is the formal ruling made by a coroner following an investigation into a death or fire The principal registrar must notify the Director of Public Prosecutions if the coroner investigating the death or fire believes an indictable offence may have been committed in connection with the death or fire Findings and Recommendations October 2012

    7. Dedicated Senior Lawyer (Coronial & Prevention) situated within the Enforcement Group The role of the Senior Lawyer is to provide a single point of contact within WorkSafe to assist the Coroners Court and manage the internal information-gathering and consultation process The Senior Lawyer works closely with the Prevention Strategy Division, Health and Safety Operations, Workplace Hazards & Hazardous Industries Group and Legislative Policy & Information Services Division to ensure that the Coroner is provided with relevant information regarding a prevention issue From time to time WorkSafe inspectors will be required to appear as witnesses in inquests Managing liaison with the Coroners Court of Victoria October 2012

    8. Health & Safety Performance UpdateRoss Pilkington

    9. 2012/13 Quarter 1 Performance

    10. Indicator 5 – Incidence rates of serious injury & disease claims by jurisdiction Indicator 2 – Incidence rates (serious claims per 1000 employees) and percentage improvement of serious compensated injury and musculoskeletal claims by jurisdiction Claims per 1000 employees Victoria continues to have the lowest injury rate of any state based jurisdiction… Aside from Comcare, Victoria has the lowest incidence rate – well below the national average Victoria: percentage improvement of serious compensated injury and musculoskeletal claims from base period: 31.0% Source: Safe Work Australia; Comparative Performance Monitoring Report; 14th ed; Oct 2012

    11. At the end of September CPMHW (undeveloped) result improved to 7.97 Estimated CpMHW – updated with quarterly self Insurer data

    12. 4wk CPMHW is tracking as per the CPMHW series – 3.18 at end of June

    13. 4 fatalities reported in Quarter 1 – 3 relate to safety level in construction In Q1, the field conducted 1314 construction visits, 41.6% above the target of 928 • Fatalities: • A carpenter received fatal head injuries when he fell from the top plate of a single storey construction • A motorcycle rider collided with the raised bucket on a bob-cat • A man was crushed whilst working on the truck’s hydraulic arm • A man was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes from a portable generator running indoors where he was sleeping This is 1 less than the same period last year (5)

    14. Field Activity: >9300 visits Jul-Sep, slightly below target • CPSU protected industrial action • 10 October – 54 protected actions. Impacts include: • Reduced primary visits to employers (with inspectors and investigators typically working 2-up on each visit) • postponement of input of employer visit data into WorkSafe systems • 24 October –Written notification from the CPSU activating a further range of bans

    15. Field Activity – by Industry Only key industries listed – does not add to 100%

    16. OHS Investigations & Prosecutions – Q1 2012/13 compared to Q1 2011/12

    17. Our OHS Inspectorate continued to be highly regarded & community perceptions strong 1 Average of employers and workers results

    18. Our priorities for 2012/13 1 4 7 Inspector visits/ employer programs Construction Health and Safety Reps 2 5 8 Manual handling Agriculture Dangerous Goods 3 9 6 Dangerous plant and machinery Asbestos Psychological hazards and public safety

    19. We are progressing on Strategic Operating Framework (SOF) recommendations New regional structure for Operations came into effect 1 July. Progressive implementation of the SOF includes: Revised position descriptions & role statements - for some positions an increased emphasis on coaching Knowledge transfer strategy developed, an initial coaching module rolled-out and some trainees are now undertaking a formal coaching program A new Inspector intake currently undergoing induction training Key performance indicators for Health and Safety Operations cascading down to local levels Independent review of our approach to emergency response has been conducted

    20. Questions

    21. Legislation, Policy and Information Services Angela Jolic, Cath Duane & Linda Timothy

    22. Remake of Dangerous Goods (Storage and Handling) Regulations • Still on track to remake the regulations by 1 December • Public comment closed on Thursday 11 October • 19 submissions received • Next stakeholder meeting to be held 30 October Code of Practice • Stakeholder engagement to commence 30 October • Draft code to be made available for public comment in February 2013 • Code of Practice to be finalised mid April 2013

    23. Codes Review Project • Mapping of Victoria’s guidance materials against the existing 23 Model Codes has been completed • Please refer to handout for preliminary recommendations • Next steps • Recommendations finalised • Proposed workplan developed • Proposal brief submitted to Minister

    24. Report on national OHS forums Strategic Issues Group OHS meeting – 26 & 27 September Proposed Codes of Practice • Stevedoring and Housing Construction (further work required) • Solar UV (guidance only) Revised post-public comment Codes of Practice • Rural Plant, Industrial Lift Trucks, Amusement Devices, Forestry (approved) • Overhead/Underground Electric Lines, Cash-in-transit security, Cranes (approved out of session) Proposed guidance material • Foundry Work, Underground Assets, Managing Risks in Cable Logging Proposed Workplace Exposure Standard for Man Made Vitreous Fibres – agreed Research reports – agreed to publish • Occupational disease indicators & • Asbestos-related disease indicators

    25. Regulators Harmonisation Project • Next meeting of SWA Implementation TAG - Thursday 1 November 2012 • Next meeting of Regulators' Harmonisation Steering Committee - Wednesday 14 November 2012 • Next meeting of Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities (HWSA) - Tuesday 4 December 2012

    26. Any questions?

    27. Prevention Update Bernie Dean

    28. SRG Prevention update- Oct 2012 • Updates on: • Dangerous machines • Residential aged care • Psych hazard guidance (Bullying and stress) • Quadbikes • Manual handling reference group 28

    29. Dangerous machines: They can tear you apart, so control them 2007-2012 10,802 injury claims 32% workers’ hands/fingers 63% cuts and lacerations 13% (433) amputations 11% (393) broken bones

    30. A press pack

    31. Melbourne’s traditional manufacturing areas

    32. Awareness staring to build

    33. Now for billboards…


    35. Residential aged care: • Further work with sub-committee of forum members to refine next steps. Proposal to be considered in coming weeks: • Refine the scope of research or use of existing international technical standard currently under review by WorkSafe ergonomists (a technical report addressing 'manual handling of people in the healthcare sector' by the International Organisation for Standardisation) • Development of standard industry training package for employers focussed on manual handling of patients • Bullying: • Guide finalised. Scheduled for release to PR Stakeholder Forum and SRG in the coming days. Launch on Tuesday 30 Oct at WorkSafe Week. • Stress: • Version 1 of Discussion Draft tabled at PR Stakeholder Forum on Monday 22 October. Document reflects early thoughts only. Unions not present. Document circulated for broader feedback by Friday 22 Oct • Quadbikes: • WorkSafe attended the national forum on quad bike safety on Friday 19 Oct. along with other stakeholders. • Manual handling reference group: • PSD to schedule meeting with VTHC and VCEC to gather views and expectations of the group. First meeting to be held late November

    36. Other Business

    37. Close Next SRG meeting 29 November 20122 - 4pm