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Block Diagram. Computer Simulation. Color Mixing. Computer Design. Computer Design. Computer design. Outlook in Europe. The Workshop on LED Manufacturing for Lighting & Displays was held in Berlin, Germany on September 10-11, 2007.

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outlook in europe
Outlook in Europe

The Workshop on LED Manufacturing for Lighting & Displays was held in Berlin, Germany on September 10-11, 2007.

Significant advances in performance will be needed to realize these expectations, as follows:

• Output of a single white LED to exceed 200 lumens

• Radiant conversion efficiency to exceed 150 lm/W

• Luminance greater than 50 Mcd/m2

• Lifetime greater than 50,000 hours

• Integration into large-area panels

• Integration with driving electronics

• Resistance to harsh weather conditions

advantages and challenges
Advantages and challenges

Luminaire manufacturers also expressed great interest in LEDs. Among the design advantages offered by LEDs the following were mentioned:

• Very compact dimensions of lighting fixtures

• Can fit in conventional light fittings;

• Dimming is possible without change in colour temperature;

• Colour of light is adjustable with use of multi-coloured LEDs, enabling dynamic colour control and high colour saturation

• Large range of colour temperatures

• Long operating life

• Reduced or zero maintenance costs

• High luminous efficiency

• Absence of IR and UV light

• Safety, because of very low voltage

• Very reduced amount of heat (no risk of burns)

• Cold switch-on (down to -40°C) and higher efficacy at cold temperatures

• Precise directional emission without accessories or refractors

• Use of efficient optics made of polymers


At present, incandescent and fluorescent lamps have a cost-per-lumen ratio of $0.03–0.05 and $0.06, respectively. To compete, the figure for LEDs needs to drop by a factor of 20. But increasing drive current to 2 A and efficacy to 150 lm/W will deliver a nine-fold improvement, which means that we can get into the right ballpark if we can halve the cost of making LEDs.

outlook in usa
Outlook in USA
  • DOE's long-term research and development goal calls for white-light LEDs producing 160 lm/W in cost-effective, market-ready systems by 2025.
thank you for your coming
Thank you for your coming

You and Shanghai University will have a great and bright future