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  1. Minecraft Pocket Edition By: Gillian

  2. Prologue • Chapter 1: Introduction • Chapter 2: Getting Minecraft • Chapter 3: Your World • Chapter 4: Making a Home • Chapter 5: Look Out, Zombies!!! • Chapter 6: The Fun of Minecraft • Bonus! A Crafting Lesson • About the Author • Glossary Table of Contents

  3. What should I get? I wondered as I looked at the top paid apps on the App store. I kept scrolling down. I was through200 apps. I decided to give up when I looked at number 220. It was Minecraft! I love Minecraft! Prologue

  4. Do you want to play Minecraft Pocket Edition and not know how to play? Well, this book will teach you how! Minecraft is a simple game that is made out of blocks. You create your own world and others can join you. I think you will love Minecraft once you try it. Chapter 1: Introduction

  5. If you want to buy Minecraft on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod here is how you get it. First, type in the search box: Minecraft. It costs $6.99. Tap the install button, but before you get it, read the information to make sure you want the app. If you do, you should press buy and enter your password. Chapter 2: Getting Minecraft

  6. Once you have Minecraft on your device, you will have 3 options. You should click the start game option. Click “new world”. Then, pick a name for your world. You can pick any name that you would like. You can choose Creative mode or Survival mode. Creative mode is easy. I would pick Survival mode. Chapter 3: Your world

  7. When you get to your world you need to collect blocks fast!!! Why? Because at night, monsters will come out! For the first night, just get enough blocks to build a tiny house. Keep the tiny house until you can make a bigger and better one. Chapter 4: Making a home

  8. When it is almost night you should get inside your house. Why? Because at night, zombies, creepers, and more monsters will come out and try to kill you. You can also die by drowning in water and jumping too high. Only a few worlds have hot lava! You can die by that too, just like in real life. Chapter 5: Look Out, Zombies!!!

  9. If you finish your bigger house you can take down the tiny house. If you need to eat, kill animals for food. If you want wool, you need to kill sheep. If you want or need to craft Material, go to your inventory. Click on craft on the top left corner. If you want to make a door, it will tell you what you need to make one. Once you play it a lot, you will see the fun of Minecraft! Chapter 6: Minecraft is fun!

  10. Here is how you make a wooden sword: • Make a crafting table • Click the crafting table • Click on wooden sword • Get what you need • Click on the box • Use your wooden sword! A crafting lesson

  11. Gillian lives in Birmingham MI with her dad, mom, and her little sister, Molly. Gillian learned about Minecraft from her friend, Anna at Birmingham Covington School. A couple months later, she played Minecraft in her engage class. She became a expert at Minecraft after her Minecraft unit in engage. Gillian is very good at killing monsters, crafting tools, and surviving. Gillian will continue to play Minecraft on her iPod Touch About the Author

  12. Pictures from Google Images Credits

  13. Lava – A hot liquid that can be found in a volcano. Do not touch it! • Craft – To make or create • Creeper – A monster that can blow things up. • Introduction – A preview of what a book will be like • Drowning – Getting water in your lungs Glossary