mystery of the night song n.
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“Mystery of the Night Song”

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“Mystery of the Night Song”. pleased. When you are pleased with something, you are happy with it. pleased. The shoemaker was pleased with the shoes because they were so beautifully made. I am pleased when I do something well.

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Presentation Transcript

When you are pleased with something, you are happy with it.



The shoemaker was pleased with the shoes because they were so beautifully made.

I am pleased when I do

something well.

Are you pleased when you win a race or when you lose one?



If I gave you a big hug, would you be pleased? Why?

When was the last time you did something that pleased your friend?

What did you do? Why did it please your friend?


When you feel joy, you feel very happy.



A look of joy spread across the elves’ faces when they saw their new clothes.

I feel joy when I give or receive a gift.

Would you feel more joy about receiving a candy bar or a new bike?



It gives me great joy to watch a sunset.

What gives you great joy to see? Why?

If someone special came to visit, would you feel joy or sadness? Explain.


If I stammered, I had a hard time speaking. I kept stopping and repeating the same sounds without even knowing it.



The shoemaker stammered in amazement when he found the finished shoes.

I stammer when I’m so amazed that it’s hard to speak.

Would you stammer because you found a dime or because your dog asked you a question?



I might stammer when I am speaking to a big group of people and I am nervous.

When might you stammer?

Sometimes I stammer when I read a word that I’ve never seen before.

Why might I stammer when that happens?



The children don’t know who the night singer is. It’s puzzling to them.

I am always puzzling over what to wear. Do you puzzle over that too? Why?



If what I describe is puzzling, you should scratch your head and look puzzled.

We line up to go to lunch.

It snows in July.

It is time to go home.

A bugs starts talking to you.

You just had your pencil and now you can’t find it.



The children are probing for answers. They’re asking many questions.

I’ll be probing about answers about dinosaurs.

Would you probe for answers about today’s weather or about space travel?



I will name some jobs that people do. If asking lots of probing questions is part of the job, give a thumbs up.

reporter crossing guard doctor

chef typist scientist

astronaut vet mover

unrelenting when you are unrelenting you do not give up until you do what you wanted to do
unrelentingWhen you are unrelenting, you do not give up until you do what you wanted to do.


The children are unrelenting in the search for the night singer. They never give up.

I was unrelenting in my search for my wallet.

Would you be unrelenting in a search for a lost puppy or in your search for a paper clip?



If I use unrelenting correctly in my sentence, you should say “That is unrelenting!”

I was unrelenting as I ate my cereal.

I was unrelenting as I tried to solve the mystery.

She was unrelenting as she played at the park.

He was unrelenting in his search for Mom’s ring.

Dave was unrelenting as he tried to win the race.

Kate was unrelenting as she tied her shoe.

fill in the blanks with the correct word unrelenting probing puzzling

Fill in the blanks with the correct word.unrelenting probing puzzling

In order to solve the mystery, the detective asked many _________ questions.

The clues were ____________ , so it was hard to solve the case.

stammered joy pleased

stammered joy pleased

We felt so much ________ as we gave out the food we collected to the hungry families.

Jake was ____________ with the way his projected turned out.

unrelenting puzzling stammered

unrelenting puzzling stammered

As I gave my speech, I nervously ____________ over the words.

We were _____________ in our search for the missing hamster.