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“ What your child sees on TV? Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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“ What your child sees on TV? Campaign

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“ What your child sees on TV? Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“ What your child sees on TV? Campaign.

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“ What your child sees on TV? Campaign

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what your child sees on tv campaign
“What your child sees on TV?Campaign

Given the twofold quality of CCA, as the warrantor of the public interest in the field of audiovisual communication and as the only regulator authority in broadcasting field, one of our main objectives is to protect minors from the negative effects of programs that might impair physical, mental or moral health. The CCA in partnership with the Programme on Democracy Support in the Republic of Moldova developed by Council of Europe and European Union, launched a media campaign entitled "What your child sees on TV?“.

  • During the campaign, were made 4 social TV spots for protection of minors in audiovisual programs and one social spot for radio stations.
  • The first spot has warned parents about the negative impact of news containing violent and shocking images on children’s mental health.
  • the second spot pointed out the danger of action movies, with scenes of violence.
  • the third spot’s aim was to prevent the effects of films containing indecent images or licentious language.
  • fourth spot was mediatizeted during the entire social campaign on TV and radio which called parents to action and cooperation with CCA.
stop piracy and counterfeiting campaign
“Stop Piracy and Counterfeiting”Campaign

On 27th of April this year, the State Agency for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with CCA, launched a media campaign entitled "Stop Piracy and Counterfeiting".

This action aims to inform consumers, to support intellectual right-holders and representatives of business society to enhance efforts of the public authorities responsible for preventing and counteracting the phenomenon of counterfeiting and piracy, and to spread relevant information, explaining risks caused by this important problem.