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B uild your own Search Engine

B uild your own Search Engine. Taly Sharon www.sharon-it.com. taly@sharon-it.com. INFO May 2007. Agenda. Introduction Customizable Search Engines (SEs): Rollyo Google Coop Yahoo Search Builder Microsoft Live Macros Comparison Summary. Introduction.

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B uild your own Search Engine

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  1. Build your own Search Engine Taly Sharon www.sharon-it.com taly@sharon-it.com INFO May 2007 www.sharon-it.com

  2. www.sharon-it.com

  3. Agenda • Introduction • Customizable Search Engines (SEs): • Rollyo • Google Coop • Yahoo Search Builder • Microsoft Live Macros • Comparison • Summary www.sharon-it.com

  4. Introduction • There are 3 dimensions in building your own SE: • Vertical search • Customized search • Swicki - search Wiki (collaboration) www.sharon-it.com

  5. Rollyo www.sharon-it.com

  6. Rollyo • Uses Yahoo! API. • Create/Use Searchrolls • Up to 25 websites • Only top level domains • Adding it to a website • Website search • Does not indent results from the same site • Explore Searchrolls • RollBar – Bookmarklet www.sharon-it.com

  7. Rollyo - Edit www.sharon-it.com

  8. Rollyo - Search www.sharon-it.com

  9. Add Searchroll www.sharon-it.com

  10. Adding Searchrolls www.sharon-it.com

  11. Using Searchrolls www.sharon-it.com

  12. Explore Searchrolls www.sharon-it.com

  13. Explore more… www.sharon-it.com

  14. RollBar Bookmarklet www.sharon-it.com

  15. Yahoo Search Builder www.sharon-it.com

  16. Yahoo Search Builder • Create Search box • Include/exclude websites • Add/remove search terms • Add it to a website • Website search www.sharon-it.com

  17. Yahoo Search Builder www.sharon-it.com

  18. Yahoo Search Builder www.sharon-it.com http://www.sharon-it.com/yahoo-news-search-box.html

  19. Yahoo Traffic www.sharon-it.com

  20. Google Coop www.sharon-it.com

  21. Google Coop • Create a Search box • Include sites • Exclude sites • Annotate • Add it to a website • Share it www.sharon-it.com

  22. Google Coop www.sharon-it.com

  23. Control Panel www.sharon-it.com

  24. Preview www.sharon-it.com

  25. Google Bookmarklet • Bookmarklet to annotate pages • Enables also to directly edit the search engine • Bookmarklet is a utility stored in the favorites and easily activated. www.sharon-it.com

  26. Annotate • Annotation popup www.sharon-it.com

  27. Google Coop – the Result! www.sharon-it.com

  28. Google -Statistics www.sharon-it.com

  29. MSN Live Macros www.sharon-it.com

  30. MSN Live Macros • Many options • Unlike the name, the same thing (search box), and is also done via menus • The most complicated www.sharon-it.com

  31. Define www.sharon-it.com

  32. Compare www.sharon-it.com

  33. Matkonim http://search.live.com/macros/matkonim/matkonim/ www.sharon-it.com

  34. MSN Advanced Mode www.sharon-it.com

  35. Oops… www.sharon-it.com

  36. Using - Customization www.sharon-it.com

  37. Using Macros www.sharon-it.com

  38. Yahoo Search Builder Pros Some search parameters Web, news Search Cons Site list box too small with lousy scrolling No online sharing unless using code for own website Google coop Pros All advanced parameters Web, news Search Cons Sharing only by invitation Rollyo Pros Online search box Easy sharing Cons Top level domains only No parameters MSN Live Search Macros Pros Web, news Search Online search box Easy sharing Many options Cons Advanced somewhat limited Confusing/many options Can’t name Hebrew SEs Comparison www.sharon-it.com

  39. Summary • Use Rollyo for simple searches and easy sharing. • Use Google for advanced searches with (private) sharing. • Track changes and updates to the Customized Search Engines. www.sharon-it.com

  40. References • Custom Search Engines: Google Coop, Live Search Macros and Yahoo! Search Builderwww.25hoursaday.com/weblog/PermaLink.aspx?guid=414a880e-e05a-4ff6-ac55-0652a910221e • Rollyo www.rollyo.com • Rollyo - Roll your own www.rollyo.com/createroll.html • Yahoo Search Builder builder.search.yahoo.com/m/home • Google Coop google.com/coop/ • Live Search Macros http://search.live.com/macros www.sharon-it.com

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