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  1. SMART METERTEXAS Status Update June 3, 2010

  2. AGENDA • Release 1 Smart Meter Texas Online Portal Update • SMT Solution Update • Registration Statistics • Help Desk Statistics • REP Smart Meter Texas FTPS and API Integration • Process • Status • Summer And Fall Releases • Upcoming Events Information • Open Floor Discussion and Additional Questions 2

  3. Smart Meter Texas Release 1 Update • Points of Reference: • Data Repository, FTPS, and APIs Live on January 31, 2010 • ‘Go Live” launch of the Smart Meter Texas Online Portal on March 15, 2010. • AEP is now integrated and live with LSE 15 minute interval data to Smart Meter Texas. • The personal service assisted registration process is still available for interested REPs. Contact Jenina Smith at to obtain a registration packet with all the registration details. Self service registration will be implemented this summer. • The Advanced Metering Implementation Team and the Smart Meter Texas team conducted work sessions in Austin and defined the scope and design of functionality for a summer 2010 release of Smart Meter Texas. The summer release is now completing development, continuing vendor system testing and beginning some TDSP UAT testing next week. • The Advanced Metering Implementation Team and the Smart Meter Texas team are continuing work sessions in Austin to define the scope and design of functionality for a Fall 2010 release of Smart Meter Texas. These design work sessions are scheduled on the PUCT calendar and go through September 22 this year. 3

  4. Release 1 Smart Meter Texas Online Portal Update • Release 1 Statistics (after 80 days) • 1,122,909 AMS meters • Oncor - 869,293 • CenterPoint – 237,035 • AEP - 16,581 • 2206 residential users have created accounts • 28 REP entities created and registered successfully on SMT portal • 320 REP users created • 22 NRC (Commercial) entities created • 4 TDSP entities created and registered successfully on SMT portal • 69 TDSP users created • 80 HAN devices successfully provisioned 4

  5. Release 1 Smart Meter Texas Online Portal Update • Key Points: • Meter not found continues as call leader, but it is steadily decreasing • Temp password failure errors are decreasing 5

  6. REP SMT FTPS and API Integration Process • One-on-one SMT Integration Process • Contact Jenina for insertion into process flow • Provide Jenina with requested information • SMT FTPS integration process central point of contact that will work with you will be Bret Simon • Will receive one-on-one assistance, emails, calls, Q and A and private FTPS integration session scheduling to meet your personal schedule • Please note that the goal set and agreed to by AMIT is to migrate all REPs from the individual TDSP FTP sites onto the Smart Meter Texas FTPS site by end of May. • Note due to the recent influx of interest by REPs to integrate to the SMT FTPS site that are not currently integrated. The date for removal of TDSP 15 minute interval data from the TDSP FTP sites has been temporarily extended . Please contact your TDSPs with needed extension time period. 6

  7. Current Status of REP Integration Process • 49 REP accounts successfully created in SMT production FTPS • 57 REPS successfully integrated into SMT testing FTPS • 63 REPS at some stage of FTPS integration process • TDSP FTP site to shut-down soon • API integration process • 3 REPS completely integrated with testing API environment • 3 REPS in process of testing API integration • 7 more REPS showing interest in API interface 7

  8. Summer and Fall Release FunctionalityRedistributed • On May 25th in the AMIT meeting in Austin it was agreed that the Summer and Fall release functionality will be redistributed • Redistribution was based on the following: • Design was complete and ready for summer • Or vice versa the design is more complex and still in process so it must wait for fall • Development can be completed in time for Summer release 8

  9. Fall Design Approach • Late July upon request one on one requirements design workshops with REPs to understand individual requirements to ensure that Fall baseline framework for HAN and third parties as well as other functionality will support future needs. • August – September AMIT Fall functionality requirements and design sessions. • August – September parallel AMIT HAN functionality design discussions as appropriate to support Fall third party and other functions. • Late July – September Market change request review, design, approval 9

  10. Summer Release Functionality • Implementation of self service registration for NRC (commercial) and REPs • Capability to view meter attributes and meter capabilities • Capability to view premise attributes • Ability to retrieve monthly billed usage data • Capability for customers to provisioning and de-provisioning HAN devices • Ability for customers to view HAN device details and device history • Provide automated reporting of Smart Meter Texas portal statistics i.e.. User counts, entity counts, HAN device counts, etc.. • Capability for re-branding Smart Meter Texas portal for REPs • Provide support for regulatory user and regulatory admin roles • Provide support for supplemental parties (i.e. friends or family members) 10

  11. Fall Release Functionality • Provide support for 3rd party user and 3rd party admin roles • Ability to request on-demand meter reads and poll for power status • Ability to subscribe and receive meter event notifications for outage and restoration. • Ability to subscribe and receive portal events • Change requests from the Market 11

  12. Up Coming Events • Bi-Weekly Smart Meter Texas Status Meetings on Thursdays • June 17, 2010 • July 1, 2010 • July 15, 2010 • July 29, 2010 • Through June REP Personal Service Registration to SMT Portal User Interface. Summer Release will Provide REP Self Service Registration. • Summer Release of Functionality for SMT by Mid August • Fall Release of Functionality for SMT 12

  13. Open Floor Discussion and Questions Open Forum 13

  14. Thank You For The Opportunity To Discuss