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Harvest Celebrations

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Harvest Celebrations
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Harvest Celebrations

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  1. Harvest Celebrations As long as people have grown and harvested food, they have observed festivals of thanksgiving.

  2. Harvest Festivals During these harvest festivals, people would make music and play sports and games. They would also hold a harvest parade.

  3. How do we celebrate the harvest in the United States? We observe Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of each November.

  4. How do they celebrate the harvest in France? They have festivals celebrating the release of the new wine harvest on the 3rd Thursday of each November.

  5. Beaujolais Nouveau This grape harvest celebration is called Beaujolais Nouveau. And unlike Thanksgiving, which is only celebrated here in the USA, Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated all over France and in many wine-loving countries around the world.

  6. Beaujolais is a region in france

  7. The beaujolais region is in Southeastern France

  8. The type of grape grown in the Beaujolais region is Gamay

  9. The history of Beaujolais nouveau • The Beaujolais region had always made a vin de l’annéeto celebrate the end of the harvest, but until WWII is was only for local consumption.

  10. Beaujolais is a new wine • This means it does not have to ferment as long as typical wines so it is available for consumption much sooner than other wines.

  11. By Law, The Grapes are harvested by hand… Then fermented into wine that is ready to drink within just 6-8 weeks after the harvest.

  12. The popularity of Beaujolais nouveau is a result of a very successful marketing campaign… Georges Deboeufsaw the potential to make a lot of money by selling the Beaujolais wine within weeks of the grape harvest.

  13. It all starts at the strike of midnight on the 3rd Thursday of every november… with a race to Paris carrying the first bottles of the new wine.

  14. Signs advertising the new wine can be found everywhere!

  15. France erupts in massive celebration of the new wine In Lyon, France they host the Beaujolympiades and roll the barrels of wine through town in a parade of music and fireworks. In Beaujeu, France (the capital of the Beaujolais region) the city hosts a massive party and parade called Sarmentelles.

  16. Worldwide Beaujolais nouveau celebrations About half of the Beaujolais Nouveau is exported to other countries. Japan holds a celebration where people actually swim in the wine! Behind Japan, Germany is one of the biggest markets to celebrate the Beaujolais Nouveau wine.

  17. Even the United States celebrates Beaujolais Nouveau! At the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada actors dress up and act out the “I love Lucy” grape squashing scene in honor of Beaujolais Nouveau It is also highly promoted in the United States as a drink for Thanksgiving, boasting that it tastes great with turkey. Since Thanksgiving is exactly one week after the Beaujolais wine is released, it fits with the marketing plan quite well.

  18. Madame Bergstrom’s Classes celebrate Beaujolais nouveau

  19. Now Let’s have a Beaujolais celebration of our own!!