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  1. Celebrations October 25, 2012 Woodrow Wilson Elementary

  2. Juanita BenevidesGoing Above and Beyond! Taking notes and following up with 5th grade dual language. Helping students after school, during recess, helping students to be successful in learning. She is a “jewel”

  3. Teresa GonzalesTeamwork and Ownership During third and fourth grade lunches really keeping the noise and behavior in check.

  4. Vilma ArizaTeamwork Helping subs in a grade level that had 3 subs in one day!

  5. Janet JaramilloTeamwork and Above and Beyond Going the extra mile to include Spanish vocabulary in her art lessons. Thank you for validating both languages.

  6. Kathy Knight Teamwork Keeping 3 classes on Friday, especially k and 1!!!!!!

  7. David RowlandPositivity and Above and Beyond Took fourth graders outside for 4th music. Love his enthusiasm.

  8. Kim SmithTeamwork and Above and Beyond Developing a contract and reward system for an at risk student that attends my dyslexia class. Going above and beyond in mentoring her two students.

  9. Chris SaleTeamwork Keeping 3 classes on Friday, especially K and 1!!!!

  10. Rosann ThomasPositivity and Teamwork Changing her schedule to modify for a student.

  11. Linda ScottPositivity I was having a CAFÉ conference with Aiden Amorilla Taylor today and I have to share. We were looking at the list of CAFÉ strategies in his pensive and he said, “I was the best reader in my whole class last year! Pause… What I’m trying to say is, do you know who REALLY taught me to read? Mrs. Scott. She was the best!”

  12. Jessica CraftPositivity She is always pleasant, helpful, and welcoming!

  13. Andrea KetchersidOwnership and AccountabilityAbove and Beyond Her class is obviously a CHAMPS class. Even with some very challenging behaviors students follow procedures and are engaged and learning-even when she is absent.

  14. Vanessa ArispePositivity She expect and wants the kids to the best they can be.