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Harvest . A time to reflect on the Christian understanding of God’s promise and covenant. The beauty of a garden. Why are gardens special?. Why do we like some gardens more than others?. Ground Force Team.

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A time to reflect on the Christian understanding of God’s promise and covenant

ground force team
Ground Force Team
  • You and your partner have to create a garden for an elderly person in a wheelchair who cannot see too well


  • You must create a garden for a blind person
  • Go to www.bbc.co.uk/gardening/design and explore the Virtual Garden

Lesson 2

  • This week you must complete your garden design with your partner and copy it into your exercise book
lesson 3 garden rules
Lesson 3 Garden Rules
  • These are the rules for all those entering our garden……………..
  • These are the consequences for those who break the rules……………….
the temptation of adam and eve from 10 minute miracle plays
The Temptation of Adam and Eve from 10 Minute Miracle Plays
  • In groups act out the story
  • Why did Adam and Eve break God’s rule even though they guessed the consequences?
  • Who is to blame for what went wrong?
  • What would be a meaning for the story today? Are there any parallels?
  • Imagine your home is about to be overwhelmed by a flood
  • Your family must leave town
  • What sort of boat would you build?
  • You can take a change of clothes and 5 items. What would you take?
  • (Provisions are provided)
the new community
The New Community
  • As the Flood waters subside you find yourself in a new community of people.
  • What rules would you make for this new community?
  • How will you look after the new world you’ve been given?
  • Act out life in this new community from your arrival on the Ark – meet and greet others, begin to govern the new world
my hopes for the future
My hopes for the Future
  • ‘I have a dream’ by Martin Luther King
  • Read Isaiah 11 verses 6,7 and 9
  • Reflect on your hopes and dreams for the harmony of the world