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  1. Celebrations • Rachel Neil & Team: PJAS (PA Junior Academy of Science) • Greg Steele & Kris Tranter: PMEA District Band (PA Music Educators Association) • Wendy Summa & Sue McCourt: PTSA Lifetime Membership Award Winners • Judy Bourne: Good luck with your new job!

  2. Review of Procedures • Security • Discipline Committee Update • Electronic Device Policy • Student Confidentiality: FERPA February 8, 2013

  3. Owning Space/Room Security • We are ALL responsible for the safety and security of this building. • We are never off duty. Points to Remember • Be visible-wear your badge. • Encourage students to keep moving. • Keep your ears open and eyes moving: ISIS! • Keep your doors locked-do not prop outside doors. • Do not leave your class/students unattended! • Safety Drills • Move students quickly and account for ALL students.

  4. Why? • Our #1 priority is the safety and security of every student and staff member in this building. • We cannot be complacent or think that bad things will never happen to us. • This is OUR school, OUR home, TOGETHER we must be accountable to and for one another.

  5. Student Discipline • After school detention • North Cafeteria 2:30-3:00 • Tuesday-Thursday • Reflective essays for students • Pick up materials in the main office • Working in teams of two teachers • Teachers can assign students to after school detention • Hall Passes: Students are not to leave your room without a pass. • Tardiness to class: ALL classes are EQUAL

  6. Only one student name per referral -Facts only-no opinions. -Do not list the names of other students-FERPA. -Must be completed if the student is on your roster.

  7. Discipline Committee • Survey Data Results: Your top 4 Concerns • Vulgar language • Attendance/Tardiness • Insubordination/Disruptive behavior • Electronic Devices • We will continue to meet with the Discipline Committee to work to address actions to address concerns. WE MUST BE CONSISTENT ! OUR TIME / OUR SCHOOL

  8. Big PictureBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) • Multiple Levels: • Entire Staff Surveyed • Discipline Committee Created • DC sub group • Department Chair • 77% of the staff want a change to the current electronic devices policy. • Instructional value of student technology • Focus committee • This building will set the tone for the district roll out.

  9. Electronics Policy • If you are using technology in your classroom (i.e. Bring Your Own Technology) please make sure that administration is aware and supportive of your plan. • Classroom management • We will continue to work with Central Administration and respect your desire to change the policy. (BYOT) • The policy is the policy; however, our message has not been consistent to the student body. • Ask yourself: Is the student violating the policy causing a disruption to the safety and well-being of others? • Yes. Address the student and follow protocol. • No. Keep calm and carry on.

  10. FERPA • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act • A Federal Law that protects the privacy of student educational records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. • When in doubt – don’t give it out! (i.e. IEP data, SAP, etc.) • Refer requests for student academic information to the school office or designated personnel. • Information on a computer should be treated with the same confidentiality as a paper copy. • Do not leave confidential information displayed on an unattended computer. • Cover or put away papers that contain confidential information if you are going to step away from your desk.

  11. FERPA Personally Identifiable Information: The term includes, but is not limited to— (a) The student's name; (b) The name of the student's parent or other family members; (c) The address of the student or student's family; (d) A personal identifier, such as the student's social security number, student number, or biometric record; (e) Other indirect identifiers, such as the student's date of birth, place of birth, and mother's maiden name; (f) Other information that, alone or in combination, is linked or linkable to a specific student that would allow a reasonable person in the school community, who does not have personal knowledge of the relevant circumstances, to identify the student with reasonable certainty; or (g) Information requested by a person who the educational agency or institution reasonably believes knows the identity of the student to whom the education record relates. (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1232g) Recordmeans any information recorded in any way, including, but not limited to, handwriting, print, computer media, video or audio tape, film, microfilm, and microfiche. (Grades, Attendance etc.)

  12. Communication is Key! When in doubt, ask questions! Use your closest resources: Department Members Department Chair/Support Staff/Guidance Administration

  13. We Are One