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Corporate University Xchange

Johnson & Johnson: Blended Learning Through Virtual 3D Technology. Corporate University Xchange. Simulations and Gaming. Simulation Benefits Consistent messages to a global workforce Engaging environment that cuts costs versus face-to-face experience 24 x 7 availability

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Corporate University Xchange

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  1. Johnson & Johnson: Blended Learning Through Virtual 3D Technology Corporate University Xchange

  2. Simulations and Gaming • Simulation Benefits • Consistent messages to a global workforce • Engaging environment that cuts costs versus face-to-face experience • 24 x 7 availability • J&Js Avatars bring a personal side to senior leadership team • Gaming Environment Benefits • Team play for team problem solving • Environment for skill practice and experimentation • Can model the real world and introduce unique challenges that don’t happen often

  3. Creating a Blended Learning Environment Through Virtual 3D Technology Andrea Procaccino Paul Bejgrowicz Jo Ann Sebastiano 11/16/2006

  4. Agenda • Why JJ3DU? • Demo and description of JJ3DU • How to use avatars to create a personal, adaptable, efficient and engaging delivery • How to incorporate all training materials into a blended approach - TAPP • Developing a training strategy and implementing a virtual community – applying TAPP

  5. Why JJ3DU ? • To better engage and motivate J&J eLearning students, in order to expand their knowledge base within the company. • To cut training & travel costs by reducing the need for on-site training classes. • To provide a platform which can be leveraged across the Pharma sector and interface with other J&J approved training systems.

  6. JJ3DU Demo

  7. The components of JJ3DU • Virtual ‘Worlds” • The 3D environment is immersive, engaging, and familiar to the gaming generation • Specifically designed to replicate J&J facilities • Online meetings and training incorporates collaboration and replicates real-world scenarios • Avatars • Virtual characters allow for a personalized human experience • Customizable to represent “real” people

  8. The components of JJ3DU • World Browser • Integrates training applications and links to other web sites • Training Kiosks and Art • Links training and reference material in single location (PowerPoint, Word, PDF, Flash, Video, Audio, Excel …) • Text Chat • Communicate to entire group or breakout team • VoIP available, not supported by J&J network (yet!)

  9. Conduct a Performance Analysis Assessment Create a Training Solution Conduct a Training Requisition Assessment T A P P Theory: Provide Baseline Information Practice: Reinforce Knowledge or skill Performance: Monitor Progress / Forge Partnership Application: Demonstrate understanding of learned skill Developing and Implementing a Training Strategy

  10. Creating a Virtual Community • Ethics Curriculum – applying TAPP and Blended Learning in the virtual community • Theory: 2 eLearning modules • Application: Instructor Led Course • Practice: Case Studies during ILT • Performance: Personal and Professional Score Cards

  11. Creating a Virtual Community • NPD Resource Center – Creating a virtual library of templates, documents and training programs • Overview Training eLearning Module • Reference material • Simulation game for the NPD Process

  12. Creating a Virtual Community • New Hire Orientation – putting the virtual community in place • First friend, Job Aids • Central Training Resource Center • Centralized Access to Employee Services • Virtual welcome video message from JJPRD President with introduction to company presidents

  13. Moving Forward • Social Networking- Informal Learning and Collaboration Center • Virtual Mentoring (think Match.com, MySpace.com or LinkedIn.com) • Individual profiles edited by user • Users are networked together based upon similar fields within their profile • Closes knowledge gaps across operating companies

  14. Questions? Andrea Procaccino 609.730.2924 aproccac@prdus.jnj.com Paul Bejgrowicz 609.730.7660 pbejgrow@prdus.jnj.com Jo Ann Sebastiano 609.730.3206 Jsebast@prdus.jnj.com

  15. JJ3DU Demo

  16. JJ3DU Demo

  17. JJ3DU Demo

  18. JJ3DU Demo

  19. JJ3DU Demo

  20. JJ3DU Demo

  21. Upcoming Webinars PLEASE JOIN US Proving the Connection Between Learning and Employee EngagementCATERPILLAR DECEMBER 7 Measuring Learning EffectivenessBOEINGJANUARY 18

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