foreign e xchange trader n.
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Foreign E xchange Trader PowerPoint Presentation
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Foreign E xchange Trader

Foreign E xchange Trader

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Foreign E xchange Trader

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  1. Foreign Exchange Trader By:MatthewKristoferGawrysiak

  2. A description of us foreign exchange trader • The job of us foreign exchange trader’s is simple , When we see advantages to take in local economy by it being a misevaluation in the money currency that’s when we by and sell foreign markets. • we use math when we by and sell markets so we spend just the right amount of money on that specific market so we don’t make a mistake.

  3. Where foreign exchange trader work. • The job as a forex trader takes you to many place’s, like Europe, Asia, Africa and etc. • The reason why the job takes you around the world is your investing your hard earned money into other nation’s money currency to make a profit off of other nations currency.

  4. What do You have to do to be a Forex trader. • All you have to do to be a foreign exchange trader is go online and look up the money currency in other countries and invest your money into that countries money system.

  5. How long do we foreign exchange traders work??? • US foreign exchange traders work how ever long we do so we, go onto the web and go to a foreign exchange trader’s website and we look at the money currency and then we start investing.soyepoooooooo that’s it.

  6. What our salary is. • A average salary for us is how ever much we invest our money it just really does depend on what we invest in. • Example : if we invest in a big paying company then for how ever much we invested then we get a little bit more money back with how ever much we invested in that company to start with.

  7. Interesting facts about us cool people that youooowanna be. • We make a lot of money if we invest in the right money currency. • We are very rich some of us. • We do things that u wish you could do if you don’t already do them.

  8. The people that created this slide show were. • Matthew KristoferGawrysiak • Destiny Vau