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  1. Saturn By: Kamryn Culp Mrs. Lower May 14, 2013

  2. Saturn compared to Earth About 93 million miles from sun Day- 24 hours # of moons- 1 moon Atmosphere- nitrogen, oxygen, argon About 891 million miles from sun Day- 10 hours 33 minutes # of moons- 62 moons Atmosphere- hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia, ethane, water Saturn Earth

  3. Saturn’s rings Saturn’s rings are made of mainly ice, the ice can be from dust size to 10ft in diameter. There are seven main rings around Saturn, the rings are named by letters. The names go in order of discovery.

  4. Scientists believe that a long time ago a moon or other large object got too close to Saturn, the body broke in to millions of pieces. After time the pieces started orbiting Saturn. After even more time, the pieces became rings. Saturn’s formation of its rings

  5. Saturn is giant compared with earth. Earth’s diameter is 7,918 miles wide and Saturn’s diameter is 74,898 miles wide! Saturn’s size compared with Earths

  6. Saturn’s rotation, revolution, speed, and tilt of axis Saturn’s tilt is 27 degrees. Saturn travels at a speed of 21,637 miles per hour. 29 and a half Earth years equals one of Saturn’s year. One complete rotation takes 10 hours and 33 minutes. S a t u r n

  7. Saturn’s moons Saturn has 53 moons that are officially named. All of the moons are very different for instance, one moon known as Rhea has very faint rings, and Lapetus has an enormous ridge along its equator.

  8. Titan and Enceladus Very dense atmosphere Orbital period: 16 days Discoverer- Christaan Huygens Discovered- March 25, 1655 Has a very icy surface making it shiny Orbital period: 33 hours Discoverer- William Herschel Discovered- 1789

  9. FUN FACTS!!! Saturn is a gas giant and the second largest planets in our solar system the Milky Way. Saturn has the second largest moon called Titan. Saturn’s moon, Enceladus, is the very shiny because it reflects almost 100 percent of the sunlight hitting it. Hope you enjoyed!! :) Saturn’s known as’ “The Jewel of our Solar System ”

  10. Reflection I chose Saturn because I thought that Saturn was very unique and interesting. I thought that the most surprising thing was that Saturn’s moons Escalades and Titan could support certain life. I would love to keep researching Saturn because Saturn has so many secrets that I personally want to find out. (Also, because of this project, I will maybe want to be a scientist and an astronomer.)