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  1. Saturn By: Team JANr

  2. Saturn and how Saturn is unique. Saturn is a very unique planet because it is the only planet with obvious rings. Other planets have rings, but they are so faint that nobody even know! The rings on Saturn are very awesome looking through a telescope. Natalie would know because she has seen the rings through a telescope before when she went camping. AWESOME!!!

  3. Saturn’s temperature Saturn’s temperature is approximately -288 degrees Fahrenheit (- 178 degrees Celsius) Saturn is very cold.

  4. Distance Saturn is 8.833 A.U. away from Earth. That is really far away. Neptune is 29.05 A.U. away from Earth. Imagine how far away Saturn is from Neptune, far away!!! Just think about it.

  5. The Space Suit The space suit in our planet is going to need to be warm. So I decided to add a warm coat built into our space suit. So that way, we will be nice a cozy! (the link in the word suit will lead you to a notebook)

  6. Extra things Extra things to the space suit that I am adding is cleaning instructions and a fire extinguisher. The space suit is green and purple with a cougar paw in the middle of it. That is the J.A.N.r signal!

  7. Spaceship The following slide will contain the photograph of the rocket. It includes a few features, 2 Xbox's, ice cream/ soda machine, Built-in beds, pretty much you name it we add it. Going to Saturn, it’ll be a long trip so we’ve provided hopefully what will be enough entertainment for the long trip. We are not responsible for any injuries as we have tried to safely secure the rocket from as much as possible.

  8. OUR ROCKET :D!!!

  9. Written description. Our rocket has aproximently 960,000 gallons of fuel. It goes 25000 miles per hour. Having a total of 6 people.

  10. Thank you!!! Thank you for you time :D! Hope you enjoyed the power point!

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