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Dame of the British Empire

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Dame of the British Empire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dame of the British Empire. About the author…. ~Agatha Christie was one of the most prolific and admired mystery writers of the twentieth century. ~In 1971, five years before her death, she was named Dame of the British Empire.

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about the author
About the author…

~Agatha Christie was one of the most prolific and admired mystery writers of the twentieth century.

~In 1971, five years before her death, she was named Dame of the British Empire.

~She was honored for her 66 mystery novels, numerous short stories and screenplays, and a series of romantic novels.

early life
Early Life…
  • She was born Agatha May Clarissa Miller in 1890 in the southwest part of England where many of her novels and plays are set.
  • During World War I, Christie worked as a nurse while her husband Archie Christie, a fighter pilot, was off at war.
  • Shortly after her 1914 marriage, she wrote her first mystery novel introducing her famous detective Hercule Poirot.
the personal christie mystery
The Personal Christie Mystery
  • In 1926 the Christies divorced after Archie fell in love with another woman.
  • Following the divorce, Agatha disappeared

from the public eye.

  • She reappeared three weeks later in a small hotel, claiming to have lost her memory.
She was criticizedby the British press, yet Christie refused to talk or write about this time of her life.

During her long, stable marriage to Max Mallowan, an archaeologist, Christie introduced her other beloved sleuth, Miss Jane Marple, in Murder in the Vicarage.

mystery terms
Mystery Terms
  • Plot—The arrangement of dramatic incidents or the story of the play’s actions.
  • Subtext—The meanings beneath the text usually revealed through oral delivery of the text or the actions of the person speaking the text.
  • Exposition—That part of the play that reveals what has happened before, exposing theme, characters, and previous events.
  • Climax—The culminating event of a series of events; the point of highest dramatic tension; the decisive turning point of the action.

Crisis—A decisive state of things, the turning point at which something must soon terminate or suffer a material change;

a crucial situation whose outcome decides which consequences will follow.

Denouement—Unknotting or unraveling of the main dramatic complication of the plot, producing the final outcome.

Foreshadowing—An event that predicts future outcomes often through symbolic objects, actions or sayings.

Symbolism—Investing objects with non-intrinsic meanings.

Red Herrings—A term derived from the practice of drawing a smoked herring across a trail to confuse hunting dogs; later became known as something that distracts attention from the real issue.

ten little indians introduction to characters
Ten Little Indians..Introduction to characters…
  • Anthony Marston is a young, handsome, rich playboy. He is a dangerous driver and doesn’t’ seem to feel much remorse from his actions.
  • Mr. Rogers is the butler and caretaker of the house on Indian Island.
  • Mrs. Rogers is the house servant and the wife of the butler, Rogers. She seems uptight and easily annoyed.
  • General MacKenzieisa retired World War I general with a troubled past.

Miss Emily Brent is a religious fundamentalist who believes she is morally superior to everyone else on the island.

  • Justice Wargraveis an old judge who is well respected by his peers.
  • Dr. Armstrong is a physician specializing in nervous disorders.
  • Detective Blore/Davis is a former detective with Scotland Yard who initially introduces himself as Davis.

Philip Lombard is an adventurer soldier with an obvious crush on Vera.

  • Vera Claythorneis a former nursemaid coming to the island under the pretenses of becoming Mrs. U.N. Owen's secretary.
  • Fred Narracottis the captain of the boat that ferries over all the Indian Island guests.