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Computer Science Today PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Science Today

Computer Science Today

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Computer Science Today

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    1. Computer Science Today By Dhr. Phillip Paul Fuchs Abstractions from Washington University & The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

    2. Computer Science Today What is Computer Science, Really? (Washington University in St. Louis) Globalization and Offshoring of Software: Examining the Myths (ACM Research)

    3. Problem: They didnt teach Computer Science when I went to school Why this is a big problem for schools: The general population does NOT understand Computer Science. School boards and administrators dont fully appreciate the importance of Computer Science. Pioneering teachers must pick-up a new discipline. Parents are unable to help their children at home. This is a self-perpetuating cycle. Why is this an important problem for the nation: If students are NOT exposed to Computer Science in grades K-12, many will not consider it as a possible career. To be a leader in science, technology, and engineering innovation, we need a workforce with a broader and deeper understanding of Computer Science.

    4. What K-12 Computer Science Teachers Face MISCONCEPTIONS: Computer Science = Programming Computer Science is just a tool, not a subject in its own right. Computer Science isnt intellectually interesting. Computer Scientists are nerds who play games and replace circuit boards. Only future programmers need Computer Science. SKEPTICISM: Why does my kid need Computer Science? I get along just fine without it! Technology changes so fast. Kids should learn things for the long term. FEAR: I dont want my kid to be a hacker. All the jobs are going overseas. ISOLATION: There is often only one Computer Science teacher per building or district.

    5. So, K-12 Computer Science Teachers Must Learn the subject, often on their own. Explain the subject to colleagues and administrators. Justify why Computer Science should be taught. Attract students to take Computer Science courses. Teach deep concepts in inspiring & motivating ways. Help diverse learners develop confidence. Which may lead you to conclude: Wouldnt it be easier to teach math instead?

    6. Computer Science is Hard to Explain (Specifically due to the general populations experiential basis.) MYTHS: Computer Science = Programming Computer Scientists Work Alone Computer Science is NOT a Discipline FACTS: Computer Science is about algorithmic thinking, creative problem solving, system design, and implementation. Computer Scientists work with each other and work very closely with people of other disciplines. Computer Science has a deep intellectual foundation and its rapidly changing the world.

    7. Whats in a name? The field is somewhat misnamed: Computer Science Its really not a science, AND its not really about computers! Its like Carpentry being called Hammer Science.