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Imperialism Era

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Imperialism Era. Mr. Potts 7 th Grade Social Studies. U.S. Territories . Midway Islands Puerto Rico American Samoa Virgin Islands Guam. Discrepant Event. Directions: Each round students may ask 5 questions. Students may ONLY ask YES or NO questions.

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imperialism era

Imperialism Era

Mr. Potts

7th Grade Social Studies

u s territories
U.S. Territories
  • Midway Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • American Samoa
  • Virgin Islands
  • Guam
discrepant event
Discrepant Event
  • Directions:
    • Each round students may ask 5 questions.
    • Students may ONLY ask YES or NO questions.
    • The attempt to solve the mystery cannot begin until after round 1.
discrepant event1
Discrepant Event

The Queen ruled over a beautiful land of lush forests, fertile farms, majestic mountains, roaring waterfalls, and winding rivers that led to the sea. For many years, men from far away had visited her land and admired its beauty and splendor. Eventually, many foreigners began to settle in her land and they prospered. These foreigners began to gain power and influence and soon controlled parts of the land’s government. The Queen grew displeased with this and attempted to stop the influence of the foreigners. The foreigners responded by bringing soldiers to the land. Soon the entire land was under the control of the foreigners, the Queen was exiled, and the foreigners ruled the land as if it had always belonged to them.

discrepant event2
Discrepant Event
  • What is the geographical “land” location of this story?
  • Who are the foreigners in the story?
  • The practice of extending a nation’s power by gaining territories by finding new uninhabited land or conquering other nations to create an empire.
  • What are some reasons a nation would want more land?
imperialism levels

Level 1 - Trade

Buying from and selling to foreign countries.

Imperialism Levels

Level 2 - Spheres of Influence

Areas where foreign nations controlled resources.

Level 3 - Protectorate

a nation or region that is defended and controlled by a more powerful nation.

Level 4 – Territory

a geographic area that is owned and controlled by a government or country.

5 reasons for imperialism
5 Reasons for Imperialism

1.Political - nationalism, to be the most powerful country by ruling many other countries.

2. Economical - to use other country's resources, receive cheap labor, have a market for their goods.

3. Religious - to spread their religion.

4. Ideological - believed that their race was better and had to civilize other people by teaching them.

5. Exploratory - people wanted to explore new lands for mapping.

thinking map
Thinking Map

Describe the reasons for IMPERIALISM





chapter 21 section 1 the u s gains overseas territories
Chapter 21, Section 1“The U.S. Gains Overseas Territories”
  • What did Liliuokalani propose after she became Queen of the Hawaiian Islands?
  • What sparked the growth of imperialism from the late 1870’s to 1914?
  • Why was the purchase of Alaska by the United States in 1867 called "Seward's Folly"?
  • Which book, written by Alfred Mayhan, influenced the U.S. to build a stronger navy in order to build national greatness?
  • Which nations have spheres if influence in China in the late 1800’s?
world powers
World Powers
  • In the mid-1800s, Britain was the most powerful nation in the world.
  • The British Navy guarded the oceans so that raw materials could be shipped safely to ports around the globe.
  • European Nations (i.e. Germany, Great Britain, France) and Japan were creating large empires.
    • Between 1870-1914, Europeans extended their empires into most of Africa and Southeast Asia.
american isolationism
American Isolationism
  • The United States followed a policy of ISOLATIONISM avoiding involvement in affairs of other countries.

“…steer clear of permanent alliances…”

- George Washington, 1789

seward s folly
“Seward’s Folly”

Who: William H. Seward

What: Purchase of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million

When: 1867

Why: to expand the United States and claim valuable resources such as fur, timber, and minerals

EFFECT: GREAT DEAL @ $.02 cents per acre U.S. increased by 20% and GOLD was discovered in 1890.

acquiring territories
Acquiring Territories
  • Alaska – 1867
  • Midway Islands – 1867
    • “midway” between U.S. and Japan
    • Location for the U.S. Navy
  • Guam – 1898
  • Puerto Rico – 1898
  • Hawaii - 1898
  • Samoa – 1899
  • U.S. Virgin Islands – 1917
midway island samoan islands
Midway IslandSamoan Islands




alfred t mahan
Alfred T. Mahan
  • Wrote: “The Influence of Sea Power upon History”
  • EFFECT: convinced President’s McKinley & Roosevelt to create a powerful Navy and use imperialism to find island locations for the naval bases.

Who: Queen Liliuokalani & John L. Stevens

What: annexation of Hawaiian islands

When: 1898

Why: Hawaiian resources and location

EFFECT: Hawaii becomes the 50th U.S. state, a naval location, and a major U.S. tourist destination

causes of american imperialism
Causes of American Imperialism
  • American need/desire for raw materials/resources.
  • Political belief to “civilize and Christianize”
  • Expansion of the U.S. as a naval power.
  • Establishment of a trade posts in the Pacific.
“The U.S. Gains Overseas Territories”United States Seeks Trade with Japan & China (pg. 694)Output Questions

1. How did the U.S. convince Japan to be a trade partner?

2. What nation’s gained spheres of influence in China?

3. Describe in your own words the “Open Door Policy.”

4. What was the EFFECT of foreigners being in China?

5. What was China’s punishment following the Boxer Rebellion?

u s imperialism into asia
U.S. Imperialism into Asia



Boxer Rebellion

  • Trade w/ Japan
  • Trade w/ China
  • Spheres of influence in China
  • Open Door Policy
open door policy


Open Door Policy

Uncle Sam


Great Britain




political cartoon activity
Political Cartoon Activity
  • On a sheet of blank copy paper, create a black and white or colored political cartoon on any of the following topics (see directions on Edmodo).
    • Isolationism
    • Imperialism
    • Purchase of Alaska
    • Annexation of Hawaii
    • Spheres of Influence
    • Open Door Policy
    • Boxer Rebellion