Chapter 42
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Chapter 42. Rebelling Against Conformity. 1. Mumford disliked what he saw as uniformity and conformity in the planned community. 2.

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Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Rebelling Against Conformity

Chapter 42

  • Mumford disliked what he saw as uniformity and conformity in the planned community.

Chapter 42

  • Goodwin’s father had a personal relationship with neighbors; she and her friends played freely and securely in their neighborhood; and her parents had their dream home, which they could fix and furnish in their own way.

Chapter 42

Fathers away at work mothers as full time homemakers, lawns, safe streets, predictable, conformity, uniformity, materialism, bland identical houses, same social class and income, middle class, largely white, packaged villages, lacking individualism, television, increasing diversity, attempts to make homes represent the individuals living in them.

Chapter 42

  • Beatniks were not interested in materialism , shunning the nine-to-five job and suburban life. They favored Eastern religions over traditionally Western faiths. They liked jazz music and unconventional forms of art. Many male beatniks wore beards, berets, and dark clothes.

Chapter 42

  • Teenagers rebelled against tradition by embracing a youth culture built around music, dance, movies, slang, and other elements that differed markedly from the lifestyle of their parents.

Chapter 42

  • Both movies featured youthful rebellion against authority, expressing both the you culture and the undercurrent of nonconformity running through an era that was largely characterized by uniformity and conformity. They are examples of Hollywood’s catering to youth in light of widespread teenager affluence.

Chapter 42

  • Both beat writers and abstract expressionists rebelled against convention creating vivid, unstructured works that were not bound by previous rules. Both types of work expressed emotions more than rational thoughts.