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Animal Farm

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Animal Farm. Another Mr. Wonderful Production. Basic Situation. Czar Nicholaii is living the good life! Although the rest of the Russian people are saturated with poverty—poor economy and poor war performances!. We need jobs!.

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animal farm

Animal Farm


Mr. Wonderful Production

basic situation
Basic Situation
  • Czar Nicholaii is living the good life!
  • Although the rest of the Russian people are saturated with poverty—poor economy and poor war performances!

We need jobs!

He’s just posing for that picture....I don’t think he’s listening.




I want some new pants!

  • Karl Marx has already developed the basic premise for Communism (1848)
  • More than sixty years later, his ideas are quite appealing to many Russians who are desperate for an economically level playing field.

Who’s the guy with the beard?

Marx...Yeah, he came up with Communism. I like him. He’s a snappy dresser.

the february revolution

How Rude!

Let me grab a few things....Where’s my paddleball?

The February Revolution!
  • Fed up with their conditions, the people topple Czar Nicholas
  • With a void in the government, two parties would compete...but only one would emerge the victor...
a new leader

Ohh, you’re too kind. I just wanted to help out.

A New Leader....

Hi everyone...Glad to be hear. I’m Mr. Lenin. You can call me Mr. Lenin

  • Lenin comes to power
  • Uprisings occur as smaller factions attempt to overthrow new Communist government
  • Lenin is assisted by Leon Trotsky in dealing with these uprisings
  • Tired of the uprisings, Lenin begins Red Terror Campaign, crushing anyone who might pose a threat to leadership!
coming together

Hey Everyone, I’m Joe...or “Crazy” Joe as my friends like to call me. I like kickball, country music, and butterfly collecting...and absolutely crushing anyone who threatens my power....Who’s this Trotsky guy I’ve been hearing about?

Coming Together...
  • 1922...USSR is formally established. It is a federation of Russian states united under the communist system. ..And...
  • Joseph Stalin is named Secretary-General, a powerful position in the communist hierarchy. His ability to make appointments to other positions of power gains him many important allies.


The Dynamics of Soviet Leadership

As you can see, my picture is on top so I am in charge...Ouch my head hurts...Ouch...

No Lenin, you say! Who does he think he is? Randles?

Lenin suffers paralyzing stroke and is removed from power.

Now that’s a shame. I guess that leaves me in charge, here. You sure as heck don’t want Trotsky. He crosses his legs when he sits! Sissy!

Ohhh C’mon. Look at that ridiculous mustache! I knew Lenin. He was a friend of mine, and you, sir, are no Lenin!



power struggle
Power Struggle

I just can’t believe how mean you are...Sniff....I thought we could be friends....Bully!

Trotsky...Get back here...Everyone after him! Don’t let him get away! Let’s trick him...Someone leave some Skittles on his front door....What he went to Mexico? Bikinis, sunshine...tans....Man, I hate that guy. Let’s get him, anyway.

  • Trostsky and Stalin vie for control of the USSR
  • Trotsky is no match for Stalin’s manipulative nature
  • Trotsky has to bolt