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ANIMAL FARM. ANSWERS CHAPTER 3. e The principles upon which Animal Farm is founded are immediately broken in the pursuit of power.

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animal farm




e The principles upon which Animal Farm is founded are immediately broken in the pursuit of power.

  • c, d Stalin is ruthless, power hungry, serves his own ends and is practical.Trotsky is a visionary, enthusiastic, lateral-thinking and serves the greater community.
  • d The KGB was founded to carry out the government’s wishes.
  • b The hammer stood for industry and the sickle for the workers. The hoof and the horn stand for all the animals on the farm, but is a parody of the Russian flag.
  • a In theory it is successful but human nature is its downfall.

c This was first planned through many educational committees.

  • a He (Boxer) represents the loyal Russian worker.
  • e He (Squealer) manipulates public communications to put matters favourably.

Lies A statement a person makes that they know is untrue / false.

Half-truths A statement that is only partly true.

Pinpointing the enemy To find or identify someone as the enemy.


Innuendo Indirect reference to something insulting or rude.

Smear campaign An organized attempt to damage a person’s reputation by spreading rumours about them.

Illogical conclusion A conclusion that does not make sense / reasoned incorrectly.

Rumour Information that spreads to a lot of people but may not be true / rumour can inflict harm.

Disinformation Untrue information / twisted information (facts or knowledge) to fit your own purpose.


2.2.1 To show that, as friends, they are all part of the same vision.

2.2.2 The pigs are selfish and they like apples. Squelar said that they are not selfish and that they do not like apples.

2.2.3 The terms are ironic because they are true / reality.

2.2.4 He uses science as his outside expert.

2.2.5 The pigs are more intelligent than the rest of the animals.

2.2.6 He excludes the other animals’ contribution to the running of the farm.

2.2.7 Yes it is sinister. They begin to check on the animals to entrench (to entrench an idea or image is to fix it firmly in your mind) their power.


2.2.8 He gives them the answers he requires through his questions.

2.2.9 Jones will not necessarily return if the pigs fail in their duties.

2.2.10 He distracts the animals from thinking about the logic of his arguments.