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VIRALS by Kathy Reichs

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VIRALS by Kathy Reichs
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VIRALS by Kathy Reichs

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  1. VIRALSby Kathy Reichs Presentation by Cyra Coscarelli

  2. Characters • Tory-Major tomboy, Tory is the leader of the pack with a thirst for adventure and a plan up her sleeve. • Hiram-Sarcastic and strange, Hi is the least athletic of the pack, but tends to be in the middle when participating in Tory’s plans. • Ben-Ben has a quiet nature, but when it comes to one of Tory’s plans, he’s got a boat and is ready to go! • Sheldon-Sheldon is geek of the pack, not too enthusiastic about Tory’s plans, and is easily scared. • Cooper -A wolf pup that Tory once saved but now has an infectious disease.

  3. More Characters • Dr. Karsten-Manager of the tiny research island, is performing illegal and possibly deadly research on Coop in a secret lab. • F. Heaton-A soldier from the Vietnam War, Tory finds his dog tag. • Kathrine Heaton-F. Heaton’s one and only daughter, she disappeared at the age of sixteen • Chance-The “prince” of Tory’s school, he has been flirting with Tory lately. • Hannah-The “princess” of the school, she is also Chance’s girlfriend.

  4. Setting • Tory, Hi, Ben and Sheldon all live on a tiny research island with their parents. • The island is named Loggerhead and is outside of Charleston SC. A city of history, beauty, and danger.

  5. Plot • Four teenagers that live on a tiny research island get extraordinary powers from a wolf pup that they saved from a secret research lab. • Their newly found powers help them in their investigation of the disappearance of Kathrine Heaton. • Their investigation is stopped from time to time by Dr. Karsten because he is afraid that word will get out that he was the one performing illegal experiments on Coop.

  6. Conflict • They are trying to find out who murdered Kathrine Heaton and why, but someone is trying to stop them. • After finding the bones of Kathrine, some mysterious gunmen try to shoot them. They alert the police about the bones and the shooting and bring them to the site, but when they arrive, the bones have been replaced with monkey bones and there’re no signs that the gunman were ever there!

  7. Main Idea • Good people, with their good knowledge of science, teamwork and their detective skills, are able to overcome selfish and evil actions of others and bring them to justice.

  8. Genre • A Suspenseful mystery, fantasy, and science fiction book.

  9. Recommendations • If you’re a person who likes thrilling action, suspense, mysteries, and a little bit of comedy; all rapped up into a twisting and turning story, your going to love this book. • But if your don’t like any of the things I just mentioned, stick to your romance novels.