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The Aeneid Book 11

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The Aeneid Book 11

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The Aeneid Book 11

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  1. The Aeneid Book 11 Matthew Gorski Colleen McCoy Zach Vanloon Liz Farrell

  2. Summary of Book Eleven… • Book 11 starts off the day after the battle, which killed Pallas. • Pallas has been laying in the dark. He is guarded by Acoetes who was Evander’s armor-bearer in Arcadia. • Aeneas is viewing Pallas’ body and he is very bothered by the death of this young warrior. • He calls 1000 grieving men to escort the body to Pallas’ father who is King Evander. The King is very crushed to hear the news of his beloved son’s death, but forgives Aeneas and wishes for the death of Turnus. • Back at the battlefield, messengers arrive from the Latin's, who request a twelve day truce so that they can have time to bury the dead. Many were dead and because of the war and to show respect they wanted to have them buried properly. The request is granted by Aeneas. Aeneas said that Pallas was to be the first buried. • Because of the many wars and battles that have been going on the city has been going through difficult times. To think of a solution the Kings call a council meeting to discuss what can be done. The council discusses what Diomede’s answer was to their cry for help. He has denied them help

  3. Summary Continued…. • At the council meeting everyone is blaming each other for the tragedies and war. Drances speaks, blaming the whole war on Turnus’ arrogance. • The council members have turned against Turnus. • Turnus is angered and says that he would fight Aeneas alone without fear. • The Trojans who are marching towards the Latins. In a panic the Latin's rush to prepare themselves. Camilla has joined the Latins defense. • A spy has been conversing back and forth with Turnus that Aeneas has divided his army. • Turnus uses his brain and prepares a trap for the Trojans on a mountain path. • Camilla is put in charge of the defense while Turnus is gone to the mountains.

  4. Summary Continued …. • The battle is a fierce battle and Camilla is showing her great warrior skills. The goddess Diana holds Camilla in high favor. • Diana sends Opis down to kill Arruns as an act of revenge . • Arruns prays to Apollo for help to defeat Camilla. Apollo grants his prayer and sends a spear down to kill Camilla. • Everyone was there trying to help the beloved warrior. Arruns was even more upset and had so many emotions running through him. • Her dying wish to for Acca to go to Turnus and tell him to take • The Latins scatter into the city and Acca decides to go inform her place in the battle and fend the Trojans. • Seeing the death of Camilla Diana gets upset and wants to get revenge on Arruns. She finds him and sends a bow right threw his flesh. • Acca goes to the forest where Turnus is setting up his plan and informs him of the bad news. In panic Turnus leaves his position and runs out of the woods back to the city. • With Turnus not at his post Aeneas and his troops run right through and leave the forest They both see each other running trough the woods. • They both stop at the city gates and camped out so they can reinforce their ramparts of defense.

  5. Most Significant Event…. • In our opinion, the most significant event is when the Trojans come to fight against the Latins. This set the tone for the rest of the story, which was violence and death. • The war left many wounded and killed. It also left the Latins without a leader. This event had an effect on the character’s lives.

  6. Significant Quotes…. • “The Fates call me away to the other tears, I bid you hail for ever, heroic Pallas, Forever Farewell!” -Aeneas is speaking to Pallas’ body. He is expressing his deep sorrow and anguish over the loss of his friend. This shows how Aeneas is starting to show remorse.” • “Pay your last tribute to these glorious souls who have bought us our country with their blood. And first let Pallas be borne to Evander’s sorrowing city”. - This is being spoken by Aeneas to the people and his soldiers. He is showing the Roman tradition by respecting the dead by burying them. He is showing himself as a leader and as a friend To Pallas.” • “What is so wonderful about a women fighting if she merely relies on the mettle of her horse? Now set aside your means of flight and brace yourself for a hand-to –hand fight on an equal footing you will soon see to whom windy vanity brings its deserts.” This quote is being spoken by Camilla to Brutes. Camilla is saying how being a woman doesn’t mean that she doesn’t fight strong. She is saying that she doesn’t need to reliy on anything, because she has all the strength. This will show how determined Camilla will be during a war or battle. It’s foreshadowing how Camilla will fight during a war.

  7. Figurative Language • “And he lay there like a flower plucked by the fingers of a young girl”- simile • “Day break has lifted from the sky its chilling shadows” – personification • “The tall ash trees rang to the stroke of the two-edged ax” – metaphor or alliteration • “The dawn has raised her tonic light for suffering mortals – personification

  8. Character List…. • Aeneas • Turnus • Camilla • Evander • Diomede • Drances • Pallas • Latius • Mezentius • Butes and Orsilochus

  9. Character Analysis… • Aeneas: protagonist who is son of the goddess Venus and Anchise. He is the leader of the Trojan quest for Italy. He is faced with many obstacles and his faith and determination is tested along his journey. • Turnus: Leader of the Italian pack. He is very hot headed and is focused on war. He and Aeneas have a hard time seeing eye to eye. He in a way serves and an antagonist toward Aeneas. • Camilla: Famous female warrior is an ally of Turnus and is a very determined warrior. • Evander: Former Greek who had become king of Pallanteum. He helps Aeneas lead forces against Turnus to pay respect for his sohn’s death. • Arruns: A warrior that fought against Camilla and killed her with the help of Apollo. Diana avenged Camilla’s death by killing Arruns.

  10. Minor Character Analysis.. • Latinus : King of Latium. Head of the Italian Forces. Weak- willed . • Mezentius: Ally of Turnus. He is an exiled Etruscan. • Pallas: Young warrior who was killed in the war against the Latins. Friend of Aeneas and son of Latius. • Diomede: Greek Warrior who refuses to help the Trojans. • Drances: Citizen who always was complaining. Blamed Turnus for the war and other problems the city was facing. • Apollo, Diana, Zeus: Gods and goddesses that intervened. • Dido: Queen of Carthage. Loved Aeneas. • Orsilochus and Butes: two tough Trojans.

  11. Epithetic Convections… • Epithets: • Aeneas: Dardan Aeneas • Dido: Sidonian Dido • Achilles: Larissaean Achilles • Dido: Elissa • Symbols: • Fire symbolizes destruction and love. • Weather is used to symbolize their will. The weather is used to describe objects and even in some cases peoples attitudes.

  12. Epic Convections … • Motifs: • Prophecies and predications include dreams, visits from the gods, and omens. These help foreshadow what has happened and what is to come. • Vengeance is avenging the wrong for the death of a love one or a wrongful act. This is shown by Evander when he learns his son has died. He wants avenge on Turnus. • Cataloging was used a lot in book eleven. • Speeches/ Prayers: • Aeneas gave speeches. Arruns prayed to Apollo. The gods like Diana and Zeus made several speeches. Certain speeches and prayers that were made didn’t effect the plot of the story. They would be Epic Digretion.

  13. Gods and Goddess… • Diana helped Camilla on the battlefield by sending Opus down to kill Arrun as an act of revenge. • Jupiter watched the war going on from Mt. Olympus so he roused Etruscan Tarchon into a ruthless battle and goaded his anger with no gentle goads. • Apollo heard the prayer Arruns and granted to shock Camilla in sudden death. • Diana got revenge for Camilla’s death by killing Arruns.

  14. Events Foreshadowed… • Book 11 foreshadows the fighting the will have to take place in order to get to Latium and King Latius. Aeneas says, “Now we must march to the very walls of Latium and be ready in fighting trim for the upcoming battles”. • This is saying that in order to get to Italy the army will have to fight many wars and go through many hardships. Pg. 303 in the Patrick Dickinson book.

  15. Journal Entry… • In book eleven we see the many obstacles that Camilla had to face because she was a woman. If you were Camilla would have you backed down or what fight your heart out? If you were fighting against a woman on the battlefield would you take it easy on her? Explain!