Guide 5 ensure clarity
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Guide 5 – Ensure Clarity. Business Communications Mrs. Hyde. What is Clarity?. Writing a message clearly enough for a reader to understand it.

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Guide 5 ensure clarity

Guide 5 – Ensure Clarity

Business Communications

Mrs. Hyde

What is clarity
What is Clarity?

  • Writing a message clearly enough for a reader to understand it.

  • It is achieved when a message is presented in such a way that the reader interprets the message exactly as the writer intended for the reader to interpret it.

Write simply and clearly
Write Simply and Clearly

  • Pay attention to word selection (vocabulary)

  • Longer words with many syllables are more difficult to read than shorter words

  • Avoid jargon when writing. Jargon is language that is commonly used within an industry and is familiar only to those who work in that industry.

Sample of difficult vocabulary
Sample of Difficult Vocabulary

  • (Difficult) The recalcitrant, obstreperous students commenced with an interminable dissertation about the eccentricities of the professor.

  • (Easier) The noisy, defiant students began a long discussion about the teacher’s odd behavior.

Avoid long involved sentences
Avoid Long, Involved Sentences

  • Short, direct sentences are usually easier to understand than long, involved sentences.

  • The reader usually has to read a long, involved sentence more than once to understand it.

Sample sentences
Sample Sentences

  • (long, involved sentence) If by some fortuitous opportunity you should discover my umbrella, which I appear to have abandoned in your office facility, please give me the courtesy of a telephone call.

  • (Short, direct sentence) I think I left my umbrella in your office. Please call me if you find it.

Avoid complex paragraphs
Avoid Complex Paragraphs

  • Long paragraphs are difficult to read.

  • Paragraphs that contain complex material that is very difficult to understand, multiple items or statistical material deserve special attention.

  • Paragraphs with multiple items should be itemized (use bullets or numbers).

  • Use graphs charts and tables to simplify complex or statistical information.

Sample complex paragraph
Sample Complex Paragraph

The testing package has a variety of components including the program software, the tutorial software, the Tutorial Manual and the Score Report Form.

Same paragraph simplified using bullets or numbered items
Same paragraph simplified using bullets or numbered items.

The testing package consists of the following components:

  • Program software

  • Tutorial software

  • Tutorial Manual

  • Score Report Form

Sample complex paragraph1
Sample Complex Paragraph

Four training programs are available this month. On May 2, Program C4321 is available at a cost of $195; on May, Program A290 is available at a cost of $179; on May 14, Program B275 is available at a cost of $195; and on May 20, Program C550 is available at a cost of $295

Simplified paragraph using a table
Simplified Paragraph using a Table

Four training programs are available this month:


  • Open Guide 5 on your I drive

  • Correct the sentences following the directions for each of the sections.

  • Carefully proofread your work.

  • Print out Guide 5 and hand in for grading