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satellite u500 sales presentation v1 0

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0


product positioning concept

Product positioning

The Satellite U500 is Toshiba’s latest design masterpiece in the thin and light 13.3” ultra-portable market segment perfectly adding elegant, fashioned mobility and easy usability to full performance, offering great value-for-money.

P r o d u c t c o n c e p t

Small & Light Design

The outstanding Luxe Brown colour with chrome accents and the tactile Texture finish featuring a great new Matrix pattern lend an air of elegance to this ultra-portable.

Ease of Use

To easily handle today‘s demanding multimedia and entertainment tasks.

Full set of usability features for a beautiful and responsive ease of use right out of the box.

Wide range of configurations

To meet the user requirements in various price segments.

Wide choice of different configurations, ranging from entry-level performance to entertainment focus.

UniqueEasyMedia features

Make your digital lifestyle a breeze.

Large variety of entertain-ment, usability and connectivity features that make the laptop a pleasure to use in daily home or business environment.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:2

target group


Surf the Web

Search for Information








Instant Message

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Blogs & websites


MS applications

Music management

video editing

photo editing

Online gaming

Basic gaming

Read news, blogs

Watch videos


The Satellite U500 is the perfect laptop for all users who require performance

and power for demanding media management and content creation

applications in a really mobile package. Further focus is on:


  • Heads will turn from the moment you open the box. From the eye-catching Luxe Brown colour to the new tactile experience with the Matrix Texture, this laptop has everything to make a big impression.


  • A wide series of usability features makes the U500 a real pleasure and easy to use at home and on the go.


  • Wide range of performance configurations - from entry-level performance to demanding entertainment incl. top-class CPUs and external graphics.

Great value for money

  • Offering various configuration possibilities, the user will find the right product according to his/her budget. Great specs are not limited to high-end configurations: many outstanding entertainment, usability and connectivity features as standard in all configurations.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:3

b2c line up

Qosmio F50

Qosmio X300

Qosmio G50


Satellite A300

Satellite A350

Satellite A500

Satellite P300

Satellite P500

Satellite L300

Satellite L500

Satellite L350

Satellite L550





Satellite U400

Satellite U500

8" - 10"


15.4" - 16"



Display size

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:4

top 5 reasons to choose the satellite u500

Enjoy ease-of-use – large variety of usability features

  • usability features such as backlit keyboard*, Multimedia Bar with LED feather-touch buttons, USB Sleep-and-Charge functionality, etc. make your daily computing extremely easy and convenient

Outstanding Toshiba design– eye-catching new design with Texture finish in Luxe Brown

  • a highly fashionable companion to be seen with

Eco conscious product – the Satellite U500 reflects Toshiba‘s continuing environmental commitment

  • ecology related technologies like Toshiba PC Health Monitor and the power-saving Eco Utility Button will help the user to save energy, earning it ENERGY STAR 5.0 certification

Full-featured laptop in an ultra-portable format –full-sized keyboard and slot-loading Disc Drive

  • enjoy the mobility of an ultra-portable laptop without compromising on performance and full-sized features such as slot-loading DVD Super Multi drive* and full sized backlit keyboard*

Interactive touch-sensitive input –Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control

  • gives you a fast and easy-to-use innovative alternative to conventional scrolling and buttons






*depending on configuration

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:5

product key features
  • Unique Toshiba features
    • Design: Unique Texture Finish with Matrix pattern in Luxe Brown
    • Usability: eSATA/USB Sleep-and-Charge port (including Mode 4 support to charge e.g. an iPod)
  • Key features
    • Data Protection: HDD 3D Impact Sensor
    • Ease of use: Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control
    • Drive: Slot loading DVD Super Multi drive*
    • Usability: backlit keyboard*
    • Environment: power-saving Eco Utility Button
    • Connectivity: HD widescreen web camera (16:9 video format) with Toshiba Face Recognition / 5-in-1 Bridge Media Adapter
    • Entertainment: Multimedia Bar with 8 feather-touch Easy Keys / HDMI-CEC (REGZA-Link)
    • Manageability: Toshiba PC Health Monitor
    • Wireless Communication: Bluetooth® and WiFi

* Depending on configuration

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:6


The Satellite U500 comes with a new Texture Matrix design in 2 design variations: Standard design and Premium design

Chrome speaker grill around the stereo speakers

Outstanding Toshiba design finish

Dynamic and elegant stream line

Multimedia Bar with LED feather-touch Easy Keys incl. new Eco Utility Button and volume control

Backlit flat keyboard with matt black finish on

Premium design models

HD widescreen Web Camera featuring Toshiba Face Recognition

New Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:7

design highlights
  • Eyecatching stereo speakers featuring a shiny chrome speaker grill
  • Chrome rim surrounding on the Premium design
  • Multimedia Bar with 8 feather-touch LED buttons
  • Convenient slot-loading DVD Super Multi drive on the Premium design
  • Chrome mouse buttons underneath the Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control
  • Outstanding Toshiba design with new Texture finish in Luxe Brown

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:8

main improvements vs satellite u400

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:9



Hard Disk

  • 160GB, 250 GB, 320 GB, 400 GB or 500 GB, all with 5400rpm, SATA


  • Intel “Montevina” processors

- Core2 Duo T6500 (2.10 GHz) 800MHz

- Core2 Duo P7350 (2.0 GHz) 1066MHz

- Core2 Duo P8700 (2.53 GHz) 1.066MHz


  • HDMI-CEC (REGZA Link) on all models except with GL40 chipset
  • 5-in-1 Bridge Media slot
  • 2x USB 2.0 and 1x eSATA/USB combo port supporting Sleep-and-Charge (Mode 4 support to charge e.g. iPod)
  • S/PDIF port
  • ExpressCard port
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 with EDR except with GL40 chipset
  • Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbit except with GL40 chipset

System Memory

  • 1GB DDR2 (800MHz) + 1GB DDR2 (800MHz) 2nd Mem
  • 2GB DDR2 (800MHz)
  • 2GB DDR2 (800MHz) + 1GB DDR2 (800MHz) 2nd Mem
  • 2GB DDR2 (800MHz) + 2GB DDR2 (800MHz) 2nd Mem
  • 4GB DDR2 (800MHz) + 2GB DDR2 (800MHz) 2nd MEM
  • 4GB DDR2 (800MHz) + 4GB DDR2 (800MHz) 2nd MEM

Physical dimensions

  • 317mm(W) x 230.6mm(D) x 29.5 mm (front)/38.2mm (rear)
  • Weight:: starting at 2.15 kg


  • Mobile Intel GMA 4500MHD
  • ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570 (256MB & 512MB)


  • 13.3" WXGA Toshiba TruBrite® display, 16:10 aspect ratio, resolution 1,280 x 800, 250 cd/m²

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:10

specification highlights
  • 1x USB /eSATA combo port with Sleep-and-Charge
    • Sleep-and-Charge is a special Toshiba feature. The enhanced USB connection enables the user to charge a PDA, Mobile Phone, MP3 player, gaming console etc. even when the laptop is switched off.

User Benefit:

  • Charge devices when access to power is limited for instance during a flight
  • No need to start the laptop to charge e.g. your mobile phone
  • Toshiba Face Recognition – the easy and funny way to log on to your laptop via the HD web camera
    • A multitude of passwords are complicating IT-users‘ lives, which leads a lot of users to reduce the number of passwords as much as possible.
    • Toshiba Face Recognition – a biometric based identification method – guides those who do not use passwords to protect and add security to their systems. For those who already use passwords to secure access, Toshiba Face Recognition facilitates identification.

User Benefit:

  • No need to remember complicated passwords
  • Easy and fun to log on to your laptop

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:11

specification highlights1
  • HDMI-CEC port*
    • Digital standard (High Definition Multimedia Interface -Consumer Electronics Control) for connecting high-definition video and audio devices
    • HDMI-CEC-enabled gear, when connected by an HDMI cable, can be controlled through one remote without any programming or setup required

User Benefit:

  • Easy and convenient handling of one or more devices via just one remote such as the TV remote control
  • Multimedia Bar with Easy Keys
    • 8 white LED feather-touch Easy Keys give you instant access to the world of multimedia
    • 8 buttons (CD/DVD launcher, ECO, Play/Pause, Rewind, Forward, LED on/off, Volume-, Volume+), LED on/off = Touch Pad, logo, button illumination, keyboard illumination

User Benefit:

  • Easy and direct access to handle your multimedia functions

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:12

  • Backlit Keyboard
    • The keyboard features a backlight illumination* to easily type - even in the dark.
    • The illumination can be easily switched on and off via the LED on/off button of the Multimedia Bar.

* Depending on configuration

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:13

easymedia features

Toshiba EasyMedia – the smarter digital experience.

Life. Technology's here to make it better. So we've created Toshiba EasyMedia. A unique mix of innovative features to make your digital lifestyle a breeze.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:14

why choose toshiba
Toshiba's core brand values - innovation, quality and design - are the building blocks for true product leadership and make Toshiba the best choice for advanced mobile computing.

Toshiba's culture is characterised by its restlessness, by the constant need to improve, transform and make latest innovations available through our entire product range for everyone.

10 reasons why to choose a laptop from Toshiba.


... has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of laptops

... is a world market leader in innovative high-technology products

... offers a complete product line-up for all customer requirements and for all budgets

… can claim to invest more in its research and development than other competing businesses

... always offers premium quality without compromise

... products convince in terms of design, performance and functionality

... offers a unique Toshiba EasyMedia concept with a comprehensive mix of innovative features for a smarter digital experience

... is one of the world‘s leading PC manufactures solely and strategically focussing on mobility and wireless mobile solutions

... offers great customer service

... practices environmental management to create new, enriched value while minimizing environmental impacts


Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:15


Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:16

touch pad with multi touch control
  • Get more functionality with Multi-Touch Control - pinch, swipe, or rotate by simply moving your fingers.
  • The new Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control provides an innovative alternative to conventional scrolling and buttons.
  • The new multi-touch technology features 3 main ways of how to use it:
    • Pinch Gesture: Use two fingers and make a pinch gesture anywhere on the Touch Pad to zoom-in or zoom-out of items such as photos, maps or documents.
    • ChiralMotion™Scrolling: allows the user to scroll continuously with one, smooth, circular motion.
    • Momentum Motion:delivers smooth, fast, trackball-like cursor motion. One quick flick of the finger across the Touch Pad surface can move the cursor across the entire laptop screen.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:17

hdd 3d impact sensor
Thanks to the HDD Protection the HDD will be protected against impacts, vibrations and other risks to minimise the risk of data loss.HDD 3D IMPACT SENSOR

Unload head from HDD disks

3D-Accelerometer 3-axis monitoring system dynamically detects free falls, shock or vibration in all directions.

In case the system realises a shock or a fall the HDD head is rapidly removedfrom between the HDD platters in order to prevent damage or data loss.

Normal state


Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:18

toshiba pc health monitor

Toshiba PC Health Monitor offers the user an easy visual access to a dashboard, monitoring a number of essential system functions.

  • The Toshiba PC Health Monitor software proactively monitors certain laptop status such as
    • Power consumption
    • Cooling status
    • Battery status
    • PC status logging on HDD and 3D sensor information
  • The software also alerts the user with pre-failure conditions on display via a specific GUI:
    • PC Health Monitor application
    • Power Consumption Meter available as a gadget on Windows Vista™ only

Battery Mode

AC Mode

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:19

toshiba eco utility
Ecology related technologies have become of a very high interest with regard to the implementation of the corporate environmental policy into the PC business.TOSHIBA ECO UTILITY
  • The goal of the Toshiba Eco utility is to make the consumers aware that:
    • Toshiba is a company that is constantly striving to take advantage of new technologies for the sake of the ecology
    • they can actively contribute to ecology by switching to the Toshiba Eco mode
  • What is the Toshiba Eco utility
    • The Eco utility allows the user to work in the Eco Power Plan in a simple and easy action. When the Eco mode is on, the system works according to Eco mode parameter and when the Eco mode is off, the system works according to the power plan.
    • By opening the Eco utility Graphical User Interface (GUI), the user can see the real time system power consumption and experiences the difference of power consumption between the Eco Power Plan and the previous Power Plan.

Eco mode on

Eco mode off

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:20

toshiba eco utility 2

Real time power consumption chart

Unit is Watt

Current power consumption (W)

The colour difference in the line shows the point at which the user changed into Eco mode



The user can choose to show the Eco icon in the notification area

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:21

toshiba tempro performance tuning system
  • TEMPRO is a software service developed by Toshiba. TEMPRO opens up a new communication channel between Toshiba and the customer, allowing the customers to receive specific, relevant and timely alert messages on their laptop:
    • Performance alerts: TEMPRO monitors the hardware (battery capacity, RAM memory and HDD space) and advises Toshiba customers on how to optimize the usage of their laptops.
    • Service alerts: support bulletins released by the Toshiba Service team are notified to the customer
    • Software alerts: new BIOS, drivers & utilities released by the Toshiba Service team are notified to the customer
  • Benefits of Toshiba TEMPRO
    • TEMRO is a combined service under one user interface that benefits all business functions of Toshiba, marketing, sales and support
    • TEMPRO is fully integrated with the EMEA websites and allows the customer to access local content based on country and language
  • Pre-installation of TEMPRO on all Vista images
    • TEMPRO comes pre-installed on all Toshiba Vista models and is accessed through the Windows Welcome Center or desktop icon
    • One TEMPRO application with all languages included (18)
    • Links to country specific web sites (26 sites in Europe) based on Local setting in Vista

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:22

mcafee internet security 2009


Active Protection provides instant updates and world class threat detection


First with “protection without interference,” offering silent, proven, best-of-breed performance


Complete protection for your PC, Internet, Home and Data



McAFEE®Internet Security 2009
  • Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use PC and Online Protection with Powerful Web Site Safety Advisor
  • Advanced PC and online protection for you and your family against viruses, spyware, hackers and identity thieves
  • New!Active Protection: Industry leading real time protection against today’s threats
  • Unique!Website safety advisor to help you safely surf and search online
  • New!McAfee Secure: Identity theft and fraud protection when shopping online
  • Unique!QuickClean to help optimize your PC
  • New!Age Appropriate Searching automatically sets the proper content filtering level of search engines
  • Complimentary preinstalled 30 day trial to be activated by a simple 2-steps process (desktop icon)

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:23

affiliate partners
  • Toshiba has teamed up with Google to enhance the mobile computing experience. Already pre-installed on all EMEA Toshiba notebooks (all languages) customers can enjoy great software and services for free.

Free software offers easier searching, intelligent photo management, desktop management, plus lots more.

  • Toshiba jointly cooperates with eBay to deliver the fastest way to access eBay as the World's Online Marketplace®, connecting hundreds of millions of buyers.

EBay is already pre-installed on the Satellite U500. Customers only would need to click on the eBay icon.

  • Amazon – low prices in electronics, books, music, DVDs and more, pre- installed on the laptop. It’s easy. Users only would need to click on the Amazon Icon.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:24

affiliate partners1
  • Toshiba has teamed up with Wildtangent to enhance the computer gaming experience. Users will find already pre-installed on the Satellite U500 20 games to be played for free, and much more titles to be downloaded very easily for free.
  • Toshiba cooperates with Skype. On the Satellite U500 you will find the easiest way to download the latest Skype software. Just a simple click on the desktop icon is necessary to download the service and enjoy all Skype benefits.

Satellite U500 Sales Presentation V1.0_May09 slide:25