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Firetide Sales Presentation. GSG Technology Ltd. Murat Sezer. “Where Lava Meets the Sea”. Hot, unstoppable and leaves a permanent footprint. The Company. Corporate Structure Headquarters in Los Gatos, California (Silicon Valley) Advanced research and development in Bangalore, India

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Firetide Sales Presentation

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    1. FiretideSales Presentation GSG Technology Ltd. Murat Sezer

    2. “Where Lava Meets the Sea” Hot, unstoppable and leaves a permanent footprint

    3. The Company • Corporate Structure • Headquarters in Los Gatos, California (Silicon Valley) • Advanced research and development in Bangalore, India • Sales offices in Singapore, China, Spain, and Sweden • Privately held with solid financial backing • The leading provider of multi-service mesh networks that enable concurrent video, voice, and data applications for municipalities (public safety and public access) as well as industrial (oil and gas, transportation) networks • Hundreds of multi-service mesh networks deployed globally • Committed to building a loyal, indirect sales channel • A leading contributor to the IEEE mesh standards committee

    4. Our Vision • Reliable connectivity anywhere • Reliable - We continually strive for quality, performance, and dependability • Connectivity - Our core competency—we create products that allow people, devices, and systems to network seamlessly with each other • Anywhere - This ultimately ties our vision together with the promise that networks will no longer be limited by barriers related to geography, physical environments, or economics

    5. Video Networked Home Mesh Networking Widespread WLAN Major WW Market ForcesDemand for High Bandwidth Services Network Surveillance cameras: $600M ’06  $4.2B ’10 US Muni Wi-Fi Spending: $235M ’06  $1.8B ’09 Households w/ home networks 67.6M ’06  152.7M ’10 US Muni Wi-Fi Enterprise Access DevicesAPs, Bridges, Mesh $942M ’06  $2.4B ’10 Mobile phone unit shipments are on a 1B/year run rate WW Wi-Fi integration will exceed 20% by 2010 Controller Dependent APs: $180M ’06  $1.9B ’10 Fixed-Mobile Substitution WLAN, mobile phones: IDCVideo: J.P. Freeman Co US Muni: Muni Wireless

    6. True multi-service wireless mesh networks • HotPort Mesh networks securely handle concurrent video, voice, and data applications for municipal, public safety and enterprise markets • Operates as a distributed switch, combining the services and scalability of Ethernet with the mobility of wireless • Patented AutoMesh routing manages network traffic and load to optimize mesh-wide performance and capacity • Self-forming and self-healing eases setup and installation, with sophisticated management tools for network tuning, monitoring and control • Modular design provides a highly flexible solution that readily integrates with existing infrastructures for lowest total cost of ownership

    7. HotFusion Channel Partner Program • Channel Partner Levels • Distributors • Premier Partners • Authorized Partners • Comprehensive Channel Support • Partner extranet • Training • Co-op and MDF funds • Literature • Sales Leads

    8. Switch (underground cabling) Mesh Eliminates Costly Cable Installation Standard network cabling is costly and difficult to install Firetide wireless mesh nodes provide wireless connectivity to any location Mesh nodes automatically locate each other to form the wireless network Internet Workstation Outdoor Access Point Printer Access Point Internet Gateway Server Surveillance Camera

    9. Ubiquitous Ethernet… Pure and Simple 9 The Firetide mesh operates as a distributed virtualswitch to users, but with full routing within the wireless mesh network.

    10. Firetide Differentiators

    11. Key Differentiators • Software based Radio Management • Control over Bonded and Linear Radio Modes • Practical deployment features like link elimination, node recovery • Integrated Management Interface Across Products • HotView and HotView Pro • Modular approach to access and backhaul • HotPoint access points need not be co-located with HotPort mesh nodes • Scalable mixed networks • Backhaul HotPort nodes and Integrated HotPoint access points • Standalone HotPoint access points with wired backhaul • HotPort mesh nodes and third party access points • Mobility • HotView Controller • Wi-Fi Client Mobility Across Multiple Layer 3 Domains • Wireless Infrastructure (mesh) Mobility Across Layer 3 Domains • End to end security across backhaul, access, management and control platforms

    12. Fire Engine Multi Service Municipal Broadband Connectivity Hospital Mesh Node, Access Point, and Camera Fire Station Ambulance Mesh Node, and Cameras Public Park PoliceStation Portable Mesh Node and Camera Mesh Node, Access Point, and Camera Police Car

    13. London Internet MeshBridge Connection EthernetDirect Connection Superior Scalability Scalable to 1000 nodes across multiple mesh networks MeshBridgeTM Multiple mesh segments operate as a single mesh Span any geographic distance by connecting mesh networks via any IP or wide area network Increase capacity by using different radio spectrums and channels Scale existing networks with use of wire where available EthernetDirectTM Extend the mesh to the wired backbone and reduce mesh hop counts NetworkGateway Interconnects (NGI) Incremental mesh growth in the number of nodes, available bandwidth and geographic coverage Multi-Channel / Radio Assignment Dual Radio Linear Mode Avoid Path Degradation Additional Flexibility with Multiple Radio Interfaces HotView Pro Singapore

    14. Highest Performance and Capacity • Superior wireless platforms for time sensitive video, voice, and data applications • AutoMesh™—Industry’s most efficient and scalable mesh networking protocol • Delivers up to 70 Mbps throughput on dual radio bonded mode • Sustained 35 Mbps on dual radio linear mode multi hop mesh • Delivers up to 35 Mbps throughput on single radio • Lowest latency – 1.5 ms per hop – no dropped packets • Flow-based routing and redundant available paths ensure fastest mesh throughput at all times under all conditions • Outstanding performance management with congestion control, 802.1p QoS, load balancing, static routes, and cost-based bandwidth metrics

    15. AES WEP Encryption Firetide Mesh Routing Protocol Packet Filtering Packet Filtering End-to-End Multi-Layer Security Comprehensive mesh & access controls Radio Layer Encryption WEP & WPA2 encryption between nodes AES encryption from ingress to egress Payload Encapsulation All Layer 3 IP data is encapsulated and accessible only to Firetide mesh nodes Digital Certificates and MAC Filtering Manufacturing certificates on every node that authenticates with HotView VLANs Segment traffic with secure access control on same physical infrastructure HotPoint AP Security 802.11i, WPA2, 802.1x, MAC access control, VPN tunneling, firewall, NAT HotView Controller Secure tunnels for control and data flow across mesh infrastructure

    16. The Firetide Product Portfolio HotPort 3000 Series • Single radio backhaul • Indoor and outdoor • Low / High Power • Separate 2.4, 5 GHz • Separate 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum HotPoint 4600 • Single radio • Outdoor • High power • 2.4 GHz HotView • HotView • HotView Pro HotPoint 4500 • Single radio • Indoor • High power • 2.4 GHz HotPort 6000 Series • Single or dual radio backhaul • Single SKU 2.4, 4.9, 5 GHz • High power (400 mW) HotView Controller

    17. HotPort 6000 Series MeshHotPort 3000 Series Mesh

    18. Multi Radio Mesh Nodes HotPort 6000 series are dual radio mesh nodes that allow multiple applications and services to share the same mesh infrastructure, dramatically reducing capital investment for municipal Wi-Fi, public safety, and industrial networks. The HotPort 6000 mesh has more than twice the throughput of the nearest competitor. It is also 40% more cost effective on a per node basis and provides modular access and backhaul, ensuring that you pay only for what you need.

    19. Key Benefits • Industry’s fastest and most flexible multi-radio backhaul • Bonded mode for 70 Mbps operation • Linear mode for consistent 35 Mbps operation over unlimited hops • Indoor and outdoor models (with single and dual-radio options) • New enclosure design for integration with HotPoint access points • Seamless mobility across multiple mesh networks • Co-exist with existing HotPort 3000 mesh networks with MeshBridge

    20. HotPort 6000 Series • Next Generation Indoor/Outdoor Backhaul Products • Single / Dual Radio Backhaul • Integrated Tri-band Spectrum Support 2.4, 4.9 & 5 GHz • High Power Radio • Complete Integration with Access and Control Products • HotPort Software Release 4.0.1.x • HotPoint 3.0.1.x • HotView Controller 1.1.0.x

    21. HotPort 6200 Outdoor Mesh Nodes

    22. HotPort 6100 Indoor Mesh Nodes

    23. HotPort 3000 Outdoor Mesh Nodes

    24. HotPort 3000 Indoor Mesh Nodes

    25. HotPort 6200 Accessories • N-Type antenna assemblies for HotPort 6200 series. T-Type antenna assemblies for HotPort 3600 series • North America AC Power cable included. International power cables available as optional • Luminaire photocell socket power tap available as optional • Clawtooth mounting kit, single weatherized ethernet transition cable, removable sunshield included with HotPort 6200 series

    26. Flexible dual-radio backhaul • Industry’s fastest and most flexible multi-radio backhaul Proven results* • Bonded mode for 70 Mbps • Linear mode for sustained 35 Mbps over unlimited hops • 200 voice calls per hop in bonded mode. 100 voice calls per hop in linear mode • 1.5 ms latency per hop *As tested by VeriWave, Inc.

    27. Dual Radio Bonded Mode

    28. Dual Radio Linear Mode

    29. HotPort Key Features Overview

    30. HotPoint 4000 Series Access

    31. HotPoint Hardware Attributes • Rugged Enclosure – NEMA 4X/IP67 rated • Future-proof, modular design • Small & lightweight – < 5 lbs (2.2 Kg) • PoE compliant Plenum rated enclosure Consistent with HotPort design Small & lightweight – 2.2 lbs (1Kg) Removable antennas included

    32. HotPoint Indoor and Outdoor Access

    33. HotPoint APs – the Best of Both Worlds • The only Wi-Fi AP that fully integrates with the mesh AND operates stand alone • Most flexible architecture - deploys virtually anywhere • Operates indoors and outdoors • Highest power radio - 400 mW for reach and penetration • Enterprise class functionality for public and private access • Rock solid security • Hotspot service features • Simplified deployment and management • HotView built-in • Auto discovery configuration

    34. HotPoint Key Features Overview

    35. HotView Management Software

    36. HotView Management Software

    37. Comprehensive Mesh Management

    38. HotView Pro - MultiMesh

    39. Internet HotView Pro - MeshBridge HotView Pro Mesh 2 5 GHz MeshBridge Connection Mesh 1 2.4 GHz

    40. London Internet MeshBridge Connection EthernetDirect Connection HotView Pro - EthernetDirect HotView Pro Singapore

    41. 802.16d WiMax NGI Internet Satellite Connection NGI Network Gateway Interconnects (NGI) Network connections can be added wherever they are available to enhance mesh capacity. DSL Connection NGI Internet

    42. HotView Pro - SNMP Management

    43. VLAN 2 VLAN 1 QoS and Traffic Prioritization HotPort Wireless Mesh Network

    44. Performance Enhancement Features

    45. System Security Features

    46. Ease of Deployment

    47. HotView and HotView Pro Comparison

    48. HotView and HotView Pro Comparison

    49. HotView Controller

    50. HotView Controller • Industry’s First Controller Software for Mobile Wireless Networks – Centralized Control and Distributed Network Intelligence • Distributed functions • Edge based intelligence • Inter node communication and coordination • Dynamic route selection and optimization • Controller for mesh networks that provides platform for advanced deployment and control of wireless infrastructure and Wi-Fi access • Hardware independence • Services Platform for future