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  1. Romania National Environmental Guard Regional Commissariat Cluj Dipl/.eng. Mihaela BEU -regional commissar-

  2. Main performance parameters measured • No of inspections/inspector • No of penalties/inspector • Amount of penalties/inspector • No of complaints/inspector

  3. Measurement • NEG National database on intranet, containing inspection reports and penalties reports • Once input into database, even daily reports on the parameters can be issued

  4. Using of parameters • Indicators can be vary one year from another, depending on established scope • Each indicator is used in a defined scope, for meeting certain objectives and goals • These parameters are not relevant for the entire activity of one inspectorate, but selecting them according to the scope, they can be used for obtaining better results

  5. Example • The inspections situation in 2005 in comparison with 2006, was scoping a more efficient time use and the inspections at as many as possible companies • By applying this parameter, it was meant to have a more correctly time allocation • Still this parameter should be used with precaution, in order not to diminish the quality of inspections in the favor of their number. No of inspections Non routine inspections No of controlled companies Routine inspections

  6. Results • The time allocated for inspection increased in some inspectorates up to 91% in comparison with 60—70 % (as it was initially planned)

  7. Example • By increasing the number of penalties, the objective was to maximize the exigency in cases of legislation violation No. of penalties No. of warnings

  8. There are issued trimestrial monitoring results of some parameters • According to concrete tasks, the inspectorates are evaluated in order to evaluate the degree of fulfilling these tasks (for example, in 2007, Regional Commissariat Cluj monitored the fulfilling of: thematic controls, planned inspections, other reports or information requested).

  9. Classification • Following the monitoring of parameters, classifications are issued

  10. Other Technical parameters • No of accidental pollutions • No of environmental regulated enterprises/no of existent enterprises • No of complaints/inspector • No of fulfilled measures stipulated in negotiated process or action plans/no of unfulfilled measures

  11. Other parameters –focused on increasing of knowledge/skills of inspectors • No of trainings attended by inspectors • No of inspectors knowing foreigner language • No of press release/inspector • The feed back coming from the public and enterprises

  12. The correlation with concrete results regarding environmental improvement • In the last period it is an attempt to link the indicators for inspection activity with concrete results (i.e. monitoring data taken from EPAs monitoring databases • Even if a straight correlation rarely exists, and a direct link of inspection parameters with evolution of one pollutant or another is a very hard to be established, this kinds of analyses should be more and more be taken into account, as a prove of inspection effectiveness and its final aim of improving the quality of environment

  13. Thank you for your attention!