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Plant Nutrition

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Plant Nutrition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Plant Nutrition. Macro Nutrients – the Superheroes of Plants. Macro Nutrients. Carbon-Man. What Are His Powers? He collects light (photosynthesis) He uses that light to create sugar energy He helps the plant grow new leaves. The Nitro. The Nitro His element is Nitrogen

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plant nutrition

Plant Nutrition

Macro Nutrients – the Superheroes of Plants

carbon man
  • What Are His Powers?
    • He collects light (photosynthesis)
    • He uses that light to create sugar energy
    • He helps the plant grow new leaves
the nitro
The Nitro
  • The Nitro
    • His element is Nitrogen
    • His secret identity is Nitrate
    • When he is helping plants grow, he become Nitrogen
    • He become Nitrogen with the help of his bacteria suit
when the nitro is defeated
When the Nitro is Defeated…
  • The Nitro’s nemesis his is own deficiency
  • When there is too little of Nitrogen in a plant, new growth in the plant will be small with yellowish leaves
oxy lantern
  • His element is Oxygen
    • Oxy-Lantern provides breathable oxygen to the plants
    • He is a part of cellular respiration
    • In growing hydroponic plants, the water needs to have Oxy-Lantern in it so the plants can breathe!
without oxy lantern
Without Oxy-Lantern…
  • Without the oxygen that Oxy-Lantern provides, the plants cannot breathe
  • Because they can’t breathe, all sorts of bacteria get on the roots
  • The roots rot, they look brown and unhealthy
hydro dude
  • Hydro-Man is made of Hydrogen
  • Hydrogen is the main part of water
  • Without water, plants cannot live
they work together
They Work Together…
  • These four super-heroes are the core elements to keeping plants healthy, without them, plants do not grow!