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Classroom Hacks

Classroom Hacks. sacwikla@west-fargo.k12.nd.us. PROBLEM:. No Wall Space. Solution: Laminated Tag Board, Picture Frames, Windows. PROBLEM:. Messy Desk. Solution: Paperwork Folders, Supplies Toolkit. PROBLEM:. Losing My Books. Solution: Book Retriever. Cell Phone App Enter Students

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Classroom Hacks

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  1. ClassroomHacks sacwikla@west-fargo.k12.nd.us

  2. PROBLEM: No Wall Space

  3. Solution: Laminated Tag Board, Picture Frames, Windows

  4. PROBLEM: Messy Desk

  5. Solution: Paperwork Folders, Supplies Toolkit

  6. PROBLEM: Losing My Books

  7. Solution: Book Retriever • Cell Phone App • Enter Students • Scan Barcodes • Check In/ Check Out • (iPhone friendly)

  8. PROBLEM: Discussing with a BIG Class

  9. Solution: chatzy

  10. PROBLEM: Ineffective Conferencing

  11. Solution: conferencing notebook …which I would show you, had I not returned all my notes to students.

  12. PROBLEM: Lame Writing Prompts

  13. Solution: pinterest

  14. PROBLEM: Acting Apathy

  15. Solution: Prop Box • Wigs • Old Clothes • Belts • Bags • Fabric Scraps • Stuffed Animals • Hats • Household Items

  16. PROBLEM: Makeup Work

  17. Solution: Makeup Bin • Each day’s assignments are put in the folder correlating with that date. • I put names on work for absent kids as we go and throw them in the box at the end of the period. • I also keep a copy of the week’s lesson plans by the box, so they see everything they may have missed.

  18. PROBLEM: Bad Days

  19. Solution: Motivation Wall

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