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Funnel hacks

Funnel hacks

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Funnel hacks

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  1. Funnel hack Make your own sales funnel

  2. Title and Content Layout with List • Introduction to sales funnel. • How is it important for business? • Best way to craft your own sales funnel? • Introduction to funnel hacking. • Whom should you spy? • Technology that can help you to design your own sales funnel?

  3. Introduction to sales funnel Top level Middle level Bottom level

  4. The sales funnel also called as marketing funnel is the marketing model that illustrates businesses the whole process of the journey of their targeted audience in becoming their potential clients. • Basically it has divided in to three levels: • First level consists of those targeted audience who are aware of the existence of your product or services. • Second, that group of audience who took some action, towards your business. • And third one, who are towards purchasing the chosen product.

  5. Importance of Sales Funnel for a business. Helps you to keep record!!

  6. Sales funnel helps business in a lot of ways: • It helps themto see weather their advertising methods are working or not to create impact on their targeted audience. • It helps to see the percentage of the targeted audience that are converting from prospects to leads. • It also helps marketers to see whom & how much should they approach their targeted audience to convert them in to potential buyers.

  7. Best way to craft your own sales funnel? Before crafting sales funnel for your own business, you should have to prepare a rough layout including the best strategies that are running in the market. The best way to collect all the information & get strategies is, to hack the sales funnel of your rivals companies by extracting all the important information related to their business. This will help you to construct a funnel which can get more sales and revenue for your business.

  8. Introduction to funnel hacking.

  9. Funnel hacking is the process of examining the online sales funnel of the competitors of your industry to learn from them & then to create a more effective for your company. In this process, you should investigate the sales and marketing process of your rivals, which you can use to create by testing within your own sales & marketing processes.

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