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Library Hacks

Library Hacks

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Library Hacks

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  1. Library Hacks Getting the most out of YOUR Music Library Patrick Fulton & Sara Nodine Warren D. Allen Music Library

  2. So, what the heck is a hack anyway?

  3. Library Materials How do I find what I’m looking for?

  4. Three ways to search for resources: • Basic Search • Advanced Search • Summon • Which should I choose and why? • Does it really make a difference? Hacking the Catalog

  5. Basic Searching

  6. Advanced Searching

  7. Located below the catalog search on! Summon

  8. Summon

  9. Ok, we got pretty close, but is that the best we can do?

  10. Hack #1 HACK #1

  11. Try some facets, they’re amazing! • Basic/Advanced Searching • Limit by library, format, author, publisher, etc. Hack #1- Limit, Limit, Limit

  12. To narrow down these thousands of results, Summon offers facets too! • Summon allows for even more flexibility by including or excluding multiple facets at once! Hack #1- Limit, Limit, Limit

  13. Great! I found exactly what I wanted; where can I find more just like this?

  14. Hack #1 HACK #2

  15. Hack #2- Subject Headings & Uniform Titles

  16. Hack #2- Subject Headings & Uniform Titles Created by Patrick Fulton- Spring 2014

  17. Allen Music Library subscribes to a wide range of resources online: • Streaming Audio & Video • Electronic Journals • MASSIVE Databases! • What are the major online resources? • How do I get to them? Electronic Resources

  18. Grove Music Online

  19. Grove Music Online

  20. Oxford Bibliographies

  21. Oxford Bibliographies

  22. JSTOR

  23. JSTOR

  24. IPA Source

  25. IPA Source

  26. ProQuest

  27. Streaming Resources:Naxos Music & Video Libraries

  28. Wide collection of products including: Smithsonian Global Sound, American Song, etc. • Search them all at once at Streaming Resources:Alexander Street Press

  29. There are so many resources out there… how am I going to ever use them all?

  30. Hack #1 HACK #3

  31. Hack #3- Proxy Access:Use web resources anywhere at any time!

  32. Many databases and streaming sources are making their content mobile ready! Some sources like Naxos even have apps now! Hack #3a- Proxy Access:Take the resources with you!

  33. Materials found! Now how do I get them?

  34. For books and scores, library items divide into collections: • AML: General Collection, Media, Reference, and Research • AML Website: All electronic collections • Other Campus Libraries: Strozier, Dirac, Goldstein, Medical, Law, etc. • Don’t forget about us! • Special Collections • Older Media (Reel-to-reels, DATs, Cassettes, Laserdiscs, etc.) Physical Collections

  35. General/Media Collection- Regularly-circulating books, scores, and media items • Research Collection- Collected works and critical editions • Reference Collection- Dictionaries, style guides, bibliographies, widely-used reference sources • In-Library Use Only: Periodicals, micro-materials, Reserves, Reference, etc. Allen Music Library:Know your Collection

  36. That’s great, but we see these things every day. Is that all you’ve got?

  37. Hack #1 HACK #4

  38. AML Special Collections • AML is home to many rare items dating back as far as the 16th century • Personal collections from Ernst von Dohnányi, Wiley Housewright, Ella ScobleOpperman, and many more! • Massive collections of piano rolls, confederate sheet music, braille music, etc. • Significant individual items (Carlisle Floyd’s Susannah) • Reel-to-reels and other older media! Hack #4- There’s a world beyond the catalog!

  39. AML Special Collections

  40. And the best part… you have access to all of it!

  41. Search for Special Collections items using the link on the home page • Most collections can be used in the library • Certain collections have restrictions—we’ll let you know!  • Old media • For reels, DATs, and Cassettes, we’re happy to help with digitization • See your circulation desk worker for a form! Special Collections:How do I get it?

  42. TA or Faculty member? Have we got a hack for you!

  43. Hack #1 HACK #5

  44. Hack #5- Library Express Delivery Service

  45. That’s awesome! …but what do I do if the item isn’t on the shelf?

  46. Library services Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

  47. 1. 2. • 1. See that due date? Don’t Stress! • 2. Click ‘Place a Hold’ • Enter your FSU Lib # and your pickup location • We’ll take care of the rest! Someone has it checked out? Try placing a hold!

  48. “Available, but not on shelf.” “We really should have this!” Have a great idea for a resource we don’t yet have? Let us know about it by filling out an Order Request form! • Ask our friendly circulation staff for help! • Still no luck? Fill out a Search Request Form! We’ve got a form for that!

  49. Is there any other way to get items FSU doesn’t have?