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Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks PowerPoint Presentation
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks

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  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks An Overview

  2. Introduction Cryptocurrency trading has becoming a trend in this digital world.As price of bitcoin or other altcoins increases day by day which extended the users or traders of these coins. " Everything in this world has two phases as Every Coin has two sides". Thus the rise of cryptocurrency price not only increased the trading volume but also paid a broad way for hackers too.

  3. Recent Hacks on Cryptoworld In 2018, January - Coincheck, Stolen amount $534,800,000. In 2018, April - CoinSecure, Stolen amount $3,300,000.(438 BTC) In 2018, June - Coinrail, Stolen amount $40,000,000. In 2018, September - Zaif, Stolen amount $60,000,000.(5,966 BTC) In 2018, October - MapleChange, Stolen amount $6,000,000.(913BTC)

  4. Ways to Hack Cryptocurrency Through Phishing Emails : The fraudulent practice of sending emails pretend to be from reputable companies in order to convince individuals to reveal their personal information, such as cryptocurrency account emails and passwords and other details related to cryptocoins.

  5. Ways to Hack Cryptocurrency Through Phishing Exchange Sites : Whenever you type in a browser to reach exchange sites , there will be many related ads showing the same name as your exchange sites.These are fake exchange sites created by hackers in a motto of stealing your login credentials.

  6. Ways to Hack Cryptocurrency Stealing of Email Id : Hackers uses a way of hacking your email address that you have been using for your exchange purpose and then reset the password and make use of your account as theirs for exchange process.

  7. Ways to Hack Cryptocurrency Phone porting : Phone porting is a way that allows hackers to hack your account even if you have provided phone number as a backup option.Hackers calls up and threaden you to transfer your phone number to their simcards and with this they collect all your details like name,DOB,account login details ,etc.

  8. Preventing Measures for Cryptocoin Hacking • Use Hardware wallet for storing your cryptocurrency assets. • Reduce or never openup about your crypto trading on any social profiles. • Make use of cold wallet always to store your cryptocoins records. • Always use browser to reach exchange sites. • Prefer decentralized exchange websites for lesser attack on your account.

  9. How To Prevent Security Breaches In Bitcoin Exchanges To know all other ways to hack cryptocurrency and prevention methods in detail just refer this blog :