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Henry Hudson

By: Sam Everhart. Henry Hudson. Table of Contents. Who is Henry Hudson Where did he Explore Interview With The Crew When and Where The New World Route He Took. Who is Henry Hudson.

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Henry Hudson

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  1. By: Sam Everhart Henry Hudson

  2. Table of Contents • Who is Henry Hudson • Where did he Explore • Interview With The Crew • When and Where • The New World • Route He Took

  3. Who is Henry Hudson Henry Hudson was a English explorer who is in search for orient. He was born in England in about the year 1565. His voyages took place in the years 1607-1611. This English explorer did two journeys for England and two journeys for the Netherlands. He got mutinied in Hudson Bay on his last journey in the year 1611. Nobody knows where or how he died, but scientists think he died walking through Canada.

  4. Where did he Explore Henry Hudson was exploring to find the Orient but found America by mistake. As he backed out of Greenland, he stumbled upon present day Canada and Alaska. He became intrigued with the new world and wanted to explore it more. He packed maps of it and went to America on his third journey. On his fourth and last journey, him and his loyal mates got mutinied.

  5. Interview with the Crew Henry Hudson, a ship captain, went to Greenland in search of the Orient. A 10 year old ship mate, Samuel Everhart has something to say about this. “We were sailing towards Spitsbergen, when our crazy captain started going towards the North Pole! We asked him to turn back but he kept going! We just went along with it. When we hit the Great Ice Barrier we knew we were in trouble. We saw a surprisingly large bird on top of a giant block of ice. It took a while for us to realize that the block of ice was coming right at us! We fired our cannons but it wouldn’t stop! We started praying to God for help. Then a big gust of wind got us out of that smashing factory. We were almost turned into ice cream. We were thanking God when we got out of that mess. As we were coming back, we found Whales Lake. Over 100,000 whales died that year. We were funded even more than what we got for the first journey to go on a second journey. We discovered many things this journey and we knew we would discover more. Its just we never knew we would discover America.”

  6. When and Why In 1607 the Muscovy Company sent Hudson to America. His first voyage took about 4 months and the second took about double that. he didn’t explore much so all of England gave up on him. He went over to the Netherlands where they gave him some gold to use on the voyage. He came back empty handed. So the Dutch sent him back to England where the Muscovy Company gave him one more chance. After he set sail, he was never heard from again.

  7. The New World The new world was very surprising. Hudson and his crew came in and allied with the natives. But some of the crew went and raided the village. Because they did that Hudson had to sail away. But word got around quickly, so natives started attacking him all the time. They had to sail down the Hudson river but the natives kept following him. Some of his crew died there. They escaped by finding a large creek and sailing down there. They sailed right back to England hoping they wouldn’t have to suffer that again.

  8. Route He Took

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