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Welcome to Mr. Kennedy’s 7 th grade Social Studies class Please take the 2 handouts on the table and grab a seat!. Introductions. I seek to get students involved in understanding social studies and its impact on their life today.

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Welcome to Mr. Kennedy’s 7th grade Social Studies classPlease take the 2 handouts on the table and grab a seat!
  • I seek to get students involved in understanding social studies and its impact on their life today.
  • I want them to be able to critically analyze what occurred in the past and how it affects their life.
  • I utilize a variety of methods to help students to understand.
  • Examples on the next slides
interactive notebooks
Interactive notebooks
  • Input on right side- example = notes
  • Output on left side- example = diagram to represent the notes, creating an analogy, responding to a journal question, etc.
critical thinking questions
Critical thinking questions
  • How do we see the 5 themes of geography at work today in the world?
  • How are our lives different today because of the Progressive reformers?
analyzing primary source readings
Analyzing primary source readings
  • Examine “How the Other Half lives” by Joseph Riis and see what tenement life was like.
  • Analyze Gettysburg Address and its impact at the time.
primary source readings
Primary source readings
  • This year we are going to work a lot with primary/secondary sources, analyzing a variety of them, and having students create many short argumentative essays that force them to look at the text for their answers as they present their views based on evidence.
  • The Common Core state standards wants students to be able to look at complex texts and be able to analyze them/take a position on them.
group discussions
Group discussions
  • I really believe that students learn much when they interact with one another about what they are learning.
historical simulations
Historical simulations
  • Recreate a peace conference leading up to World War I.
  • Surviving as a part of a family during the Great Depression
Tests- 100 points

Quizzes- 50 points

Projects- 75-100 points

Class work- 20 points

Homework- 20 points

Current events- 50 points

Warm ups- 5 points per week.

ways you can support teachers at bogle
Ways you can support teachers at Bogle
  • Check Infinity Campus grading system on a regular basis.
  • Check for black lines on agendas- missing homework
  • Tax credit to support Bogle extra curricular activities (team shirts, clubs, sports)
  • Any questions?
  • Thanks for being here tonight and for your support of your child’s education. I look forward to working with them this year!
  • Please feel free to contact me whenever you have any questions.