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“Designers design consequences” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Designers design consequences”

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“Designers design consequences” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Designers design consequences”
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  1. “Designers design consequences”

  2. Universities are really the right group to lead the charge on climate change. They are in the business of shaping the leaders of tomorrow. -Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at Pratt June 6, 2007

  3. KEY INSTITUTIONAL DECISIONS Facilities Director AND Academic Director Commit internally Strategic Plan/Master Academic Plan Make public commitments ACUPCC, Designers Accord, Mayoral Challenge, 2030 Imperative “Integrate vs Isolate” Promote and reward collaboration (especially interdisciplinary)

  4. Academic Director of Sustainability COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP MINORS Program - infrastructure for collaboration CSDS - Education/Exploration/Enterprise Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation SUSTAINABILITY CRASH COURSE FIPSE FUNDS ($450K OVER 3 YEARS) LINK Greening FACILITIES with Greening our ACADEMICS

  5. Academic Director of Sustainability COLLABORATIVE SUPPORT President/Provost Center For Continuing and Professional Studies Admissions Development Communications IT Student Life

  6. New York City will be very different place in 2030. Pratt’s Center for Sustainable Design Studies will be a resource that helps to shape the designers that will build our sustainable future.

  7. Materials Resource Lab and Library Database of case studies of faculty’s professional work Eco – geeks and Lecturers - Primers Place to find mentors, peers Pratt Design Incubator – Think tank for a Livable Future CSDS website


  9. GOING SUSTAINABLE SOME KEYS TO SUCCESS Someone well known and trusted by the community Able to nurture leadership and hand off projects Prioritize collaboration Respect what’s in place and find ways to integrate Peer to Peer Communication and recognition Leadership by President Provost and Board

  10. SOME KEY CHALLENGES Cynicism and Fear Sustainability is still in awkward phase Faculty key to making it important to the student “Where do we fit it in” COMMUNICATION Money to make it happen

  11. What can we do together?

  12. Sustainability Working Group • Best practices • Case studies • New courses • Collective problem solving

  13. Collaborative “Department” of Sustainable Design • 5 AICAD schools • Partner together • Semester “Onboard” • Faculty and Students on One Campus

  14. Thank You Contact info: