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MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design

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MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design
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  1. MIT Tata Center for Technology & Design Overview 2014 Call for ProposalsInformation Session

  2. Tata Center Overview • Design in context of developing world • Not necessarily Bottom of the Pyramid • Window for graduate students and faculty • Students spend time in India • Develop technologically sophisticated products & services • Shovel ready thesis • No “studies” per se, rather projects with connections to designs/ implementation • Commercial or government implementation is the goal

  3. Health Agriculture Water Energy Housing/Infrastructure Tata Center Key Data • 47 Graduate Student Tata Fellows • 30 Faculty representing 20 Departments/ Programs • 7 Postdocs & 6 Staff • 25 current projects in 5 focus areas • Projects can be single or multi-student

  4. What is a Tata Center project? • Mitigates the “constraints” associated with the developing world • Scale • Cost • Infrastructure Dependency • Access to Energy, Water, etc. • Develops solutions needed by the developing world that wouldn’t otherwise become available • Informed through close interactions with Indian communities, business and government • Embodied in a thesis that provides the basis for new product or system in the developing world

  5. Single Student Project Example: Prosthetic Foot Development • Katy Olesavanage Video

  6. Multi-Student Project: Ad hoc Electric Grid Architecture for Universal Access Develop a technology platform for electricity delivery • Peer-to-peer transactions mediated primarily by distributed intelligence • An intelligent ‘point-of-connection’ in place of current power electronics Principal Investigator/Project Coordinator: Rajeev Ram (EECS) Post Doctoral Fellow: RejaAmatya (MITEI) Power electronics design/construct, point of connection (hardware) W. Inam (EECS) D. Perrault (EECS) Distributed control algorithm (software) for electricity distribution D. Strawser (ME/Aero) B. Williams (Aero) Systems level design & analysis of proposed electrification scheme D. Ellman (TPP) I. Perez-Arriaga (ESD) Electrification market analysis and design & construct GIS model Y. Borofsky (DUSP) I. Perez-Arriaga (ESD)

  7. Learning on the ground…..visits to energy service providers in India Husk Power: AC mini-grid operator OMC Power: Anchor customer (Telecom tower) Mera Gao Power (MGP): DC micro grid operator Selco: Solar Home System

  8. Tata Fellowship • Admitted by an MIT department, then apply to Tata Center • 2 years’ stipend, tuition & research budget support • Develop stakeholder-driven technical & business model solutions for the resource constrained Indian environment, but with focus on wider applicability • Integrates with department degree requirements • Significant travel to India: 6 week summer, 2 week IAP • Requires participation in the Tata Seminar (15.s17, 6 credits first fall/spring, 3 credits 2nd year onwards)

  9. RFP Details • Open to all MIT community members with PI status • Focus on solving concrete challenges in India! • Require technology or business model development/application • Preference given to Tata focus areas, other areas considered - Energy - Water - Housing/Infrastructure - Health Care - Agriculture - Waste • Explain relevance of fieldwork in India & timeline to completion • PIs are strongly encouraged to actively participate in India

  10. RFP Awards • Awards consist of full 2-year fellowship for each student • 2nd year award is contingent on student progress at the end of the 1st year • $25,000 in funds per student per year to PI for use on the project or related activities • Equipment budget of up to $25,000 per project • Must be specified in the proposal • One time award per project • Funds for students/PIs to travel to India as needed

  11. Proposal Guidelines Submission Requirements Cover page Project Title Name, title, department of PI, Co-PI, investigators Phone, email address of primary contact Number of Full-time Graduate Students Requested Equipment Funds Requested Abstract Brief description of problem/goals to be addressed Applications should be submitted online. URL will be announced when the RFP is formally released on Dec. 13, 2013

  12. RFP Process & Timing Optional 1-page abstract • Submit by: Monday, January 6, 2014. • Feedback by: Monday, January 20, 2014 Full Release RFP: Friday, December 13, 2014 Proposal Deadline: Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 Awards Announced: Monday, March 3, 2014 Fellowship Nominations: no later than May 31, 2014 Project Start Date: June 1, 2014 (or later)

  13. For more information contact: Dr. Rich Roth, Executive Director | +1.617.253.6487 Patricia Reilly, Assistant Director | +1.617.324.7026 Dr. Rob Stoner, Co-Director | +1.617.715.5472 Professor Charlie Fine, Co-Director | +1.617.253.3632