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Lab Reports

Lab Reports

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Lab Reports

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  1. Lab Reports Biology

  2. The First Section of the Lab- Introduction • All Group Member’s Names • First & Last names of all group members should be in the top, right corner • Date • Also in the top left corner • Title • Appropriate title on the top center line.

  3. The First Section of the Lab- Introduction (continued) • Research Question • Why are we doing this lab? What is the question that we are trying to answer? • Hypothesis • This is YOUR predicted ANSWER to the question that is being investigated in this lab.

  4. The First Section of the Lab- Variable Table • This table must include all variables of interest and their status. • All variables must be labeled as (I/D/C) Independent (I change it), dependent (measured) or controlled (kept constant)

  5. The First Section of the Lab- Apparatus Apparatus Drawing This should be a neat drawing that clearly illustrates all equipment and how each variable was measured It is not necessary to be an artist, just do your best and label well :)

  6. The Second Section of the Lab - Procedure • The procedure is the step-by-step process you go through to complete the lab. • This should be what you ACTUALLY DID as opposed to what the directions said. • You may be brief, but you should also be thorough - don’t skip important steps!

  7. The Second Section of the Lab- Data • If at all possible you should include a table that contains your data. • You should also include any descriptive data in this section. • For example: my sample started out clear and then turned orange after it was heated for 10 seconds.

  8. The Second Section of the Lab - Sample Data Table

  9. The Third Section - Analysis • This is the section where you should do any calculations that are necessary in your laboratory. • A GRAPH should be included in this section if it is at all possible. • Any questions that are given with this laboratory should be answered here.

  10. The Third SectionExample Graph

  11. In the Third Section - Conclusion • PART 1 - CLAIM: Make a claim that answers your research question. Claims should be concise (1-2 sentences) and specific. • PART 2 - WHY THE EVIDENCE SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM: Here you explain how your data supports the claim you made. Make sure that your claim is logically based on your evidence. • Part 3 – “What is going on here?” Clearly explain your reasoning for making the claim that you did. How does this make sense? • Explain your thinking here!

  12. Recap FIRST SECTION Title, Name(s), Date(s) Research Question, Hypothesis Variable Table, Apparatus SECOND SECTION Procedure Data and Observations THIRD SECTION Analysis Conclusion