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Written Lab Reports

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Written Lab Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Written Lab Reports. Living Environment Regents Ms. Watch Saint Jean Baptiste High School. Reports Must Be:. Typed Font Times New Roman, 12 pt Double-spaced Standard margins (1” margins) Must include title page and works cited. Cover Page. Title of the Lab Report:

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Written Lab Reports

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written lab reports

Written Lab Reports

Living Environment Regents

Ms. Watch

Saint Jean Baptiste High School

reports must be
Reports Must Be:
  • Typed
  • Font Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Double-spaced
  • Standard margins (1” margins)
  • Must include title page and works cited
cover page
Cover Page
  • Title of the Lab Report:
    • Example: The Effects of Ground Contaminants on the Populations of North Eastern Amphibians
    • Centered
  • Your Name
  • Your Section #
  • Lab Partners (anyone you worked with to complete the lab)
  • Date
  • Living Environment Regents
sections of the report
Sections of the report
  • Each section should be clearly titled
i abstract
I. Abstract
  • Only 1 Paragraph
  • You should state the objectives of the investigation, but cite NO data
  • A very clear and concise paragraph summarizing the experiment and why an alien might be interested in reading the report
ii introduction
II. Introduction
  • Identifies the experiment
  • Objectives of the experiment
  • Background for understanding the experiment
  • Sources can be referenced in the introduction
  • The objectives of the experiment are important to state because these objectives are usually analyzed in the conclusion to determine whether the experiment succeeded. The background often includes theoretical predictions for what the results should be. 
iii materials
III. Materials
  • List ALL the materials needed to carry out the experiment
iv methods
IV. Methods
  • Discusses how the experiment occurred
  • Narrative of the procedure
  • Documenting the procedures of your laboratory experiment is important not only so that others can repeat your results but also so that you can replicate the work later, if the need arises.
v results
V. Results
  • ONLY data should be reported under results
    • Charts
    • Graphs
    • Pictures
    • Tables
    • Survey Results
  • Data should be titled,

labeled, and numbered

Ex: Fig. 1: Types of

Amphibians found in the

North Eastern United States

vi discussion
VI. Discussion
  • Analyze, interpret and DISCUSS your results—each data table, graph, picture, etc.
  • What are the implications of the results???
  • Were there errors in the experiment? Why? What happened?
vii conclusion
VII. Conclusion
  • 1 to 3 paragraphs
  • Wraps-up the entire report/experiment
  • Examine the objectives mentioned in the introduction
viii works cited
VIII. Works Cited
  • Cite your sources using MLA style

The following sections must be included:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Materials
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Works Cited
  • Each section should be clearly labeled in the report.